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A re you having trouble getting started with blogging? Or are you looking for a good blog example to get inspiration for your own blog? In this article, we’ll share some examples of the best blogs you can steal ideas from.

We all need some kind of inspiration every now and then to keep us going. It doesn’t matter if you have been blogging every day for the last decade or if you’re thinking about starting a blog; having inspiration helps.

This article lists some of the best blog ideas to help inspire you and get you started on your blogging journey.

Let’s dive in.

Mom Blogs

In this section, we’ll be looking at some of the best mom blog examples. If you’re planning to start a mom blog, then check out these blogs for ideas.

1. Start a Mom Blog

start a mom blog - mom blog idea

Suzi Whitford is the woman behind the Start a Mom Blog. After a career in industrial engineering, she quit her job to be a stay at home mom. That’s when she launched her blog and started teaching moms all over the world to do the same.

But as we all know, staying home without any source of income is impossible. So, Suzi created an online system of income that allowed her to stay home with her kids and make money online.

If you are a blogger struggling to manage tasks between nap time and playtime with your kids at home, she’s your best source of inspiration. She built her entire business from the ground up while raising up 3 kids at home. 

On Start a Mom Blog’s homepage, Suzi has an email optin form to encourage visitors to sign up for her email newsletter. She offers a lead magnet of a free email course to boost signups.

You can create your own email optin form to get more subscribers using OptinMonster.

Check out our post on email newsletter signup form examples for more ideas.

How does the blog make money?

Start a Mom Blog’s primary source of income is their affiliate income, and the courses they sell online. 

What topics do they blog about?

Suzi blogs on several topics that include her breastfeeding journey, motherhood, recipes, and crafts.

Here is some other useful information about the blog:

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Astra Theme for WordPress

Email Client: Mailchimp

2. It’s a Lovely Life

its a lovely life - mom blog example

Like Suzi, Heather Delaney Reese became a stay at home mom and started her blog, It’s a Lovely Life. 

Heather was a journalism student in college, and she wanted to use the storytelling skills she learned in college to write online. 

Heather started this blog in 2014, and it became so successful that now her whole family is a part of it.

How does the blog make money?

The blog makes money by affiliate partnerships, hosting Twitter parties, writing for brand websites, and being a brand ambassador for various clients.

Heather has multiple different streams of income on her blog. Check out our guide on how to monetize your blog for more ideas.

What topics does it cover?

It’s a Lovely Life writes about traveling, blogging tips and tutorials, and everything related to blogging.

Some additional information about the blog is listed below:

Built on: WordPress and WooCommerce for WordPress

Theme: Custom WordPress Theme

Email Client: ConvertKit

3. Tech Savvy Mama

tech savvy mama - best blog idea

Leticia Barr, the blogger at Tech Savvy Mama, has brought in a new angle to mom blogs. Along with blogging about mom stuff, she also helps families navigate what’s it like to raise children in the digital age.

The main focus of this blog is to help parents keep up with the ever-changing trends of technology. She also empowers parents to foster a love of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in their children.

How does the blog make money?

The primary source of income is through affiliate and product sales. Leticia also writes for famous columns like, HuffingtonPost, and Babble.

What topics does the blog cover?

Tech Savvy Mama mostly covers technology, parenting lifestyle, education, charitable causes, and gift ideas for parents.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Foodie Pro for WordPress

Email Client: N/A

Travel Blogs

We’ve listed some of the best travel blogs examples in this section. If you are looking to steal ideas for your travel blog, then dive right in.

4. Club Thrifty

club thrifty - best blog example

Club Thrifty is more than just your typical travel blog. Holly and Greg launched this blog to teach people how to get out of debt and start traveling without breaking the bank.

Aspiring travelers will love their blog. They teach their readers to pay off their debt, budget their expenses, set up a travel fund, and how to travel. 

How does the blog make money?

Club Thrifty makes money by partnering with affiliates related to the travel industry, giving financial consultancy, and selling their guides.

What topics do they cover?

The blog mostly covers traveling, financial advice, health and fitness, food recipes, and making money online.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Custom WordPress Theme

Email Client: Elastic Email and Google’s G-Suite

5. Adventurous Kate

adventurous kate - best blog idea

Anyone who quits their job at 26 and starts traveling by funding their trips through their blog is just downright inspirational. And that’s precisely what Adventurous Kate did. She became a solo traveler to 82 countries and all seven continents.

Kate made a career out of sharing her traveling experience, going to press trips, and writing. But the most inspiring part of Kate’s journey was that she didn’t wait for anyone to start living her dream life.

How does the blog make money?

A big part of the income comes from affiliate marketing. Kate promotes products that she uses in her travel resources section. Once the visitor clicks on the link, they are taken to either Amazon or some other product website. If the visitor makes a purchase, Kate gets a small commission.

What topics does the blog cover?

Kate mostly writes about her traveling adventures and guides solo female travelers on making a safe trip.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Astra Theme for WordPress

Email Client: Constant Contact and G Suite

6. One Step 4Ward

best blog examples

Johnny Ward was broke and living in Ireland. He always dreamt about traveling, seeing different places, and meeting new people. He left to teach English in Asia, but he kept running out of money. 

That was until he started his blog One Step 4Ward and never looked back. Over a few years, he had earned over a million bucks. 

Johnny’s passion for blogging changed the game for him, and he started living the life he always dreamed of.

If this isn’t inspirational for you, we don’t know what is!

How does the blog make money?

Johnny makes money through affiliate marketing, endorsing group trip agencies, and public speaking. 

What topics does the blog cover?

Mostly about Johnny’s travel experience, guides on how to travel on a budget, make money through blogging, and motivational articles.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Astra Theme

Email Client: AWeber

Business and Marketing Blogs

This section lists the best blogs in the business and marketing niche. If you’re planning to launch a blog in this niche then check out the blogs below for inspiration.

7. Screw the Nine to Five

screw the nine to five - best blog idea

Jill and Josh Stanton, the founders of Screw the Nine to Five, have a unique approach to running their blog. They swear, they’re transparent, and aren’t afraid to step on people’s toes. They say it like it is!

They started off their business by creating and selling niche websites after the websites started earning affiliate income. 

Once they found success, they started Screw the Nine to Five to teach people how to quit their jobs and create their own blog and earn money online.

How does the blog make money?

The primary source of their income comes from their courses. They sell courses that teach people how to start a niche website that earns them money.

You can create your own online courses with the MemberPress Courses add-on.

They also focus on affiliate marketing, promoting products they use, and get a small commission for every time someone makes a purchase through their link.

What topics do they cover?

They cover guides on business and online marketing that help their readers to start and grow online businesses. 

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Astra Theme for WordPress

Email Client: ActiveCampaign

8. Smart Passive Income

smart passive income - best blog idea

Smart Passive Income is one of the biggest blogs in the marketing niche. Pat Flynn, the founder, helps people to earn money while they sleep.

Pat started an online education blog to help him study for an exam. The exam was for a job that laid him off. That’s when he decided to turn it into a study guide that people could purchase. 

He started to earn passive income from the study guide he created, and people wanted to know how he made money.

Smart Passive Income was his way of spreading the knowledge of making money online

Through his lessons on systems and processes, automation with software, outsourcing, and more, Pat helps people worldwide make more money online.

How does the blog make money?

Like any other marketing blog, Smart Passive Income makes money through affiliate commissions and selling courses that help people earn passively.

What topics does the blog cover?

Smart Passive Income covers topics on making money online, marketing podcasts, blog SEO (search engine optimization), book publishing, and more.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Custom Theme Built on Genesis Framework

Email Client: ConvertKit and G Suite

9. Melyssa Griffin

melysa griffin - best blog example

Melyssa Griffin is an entrepreneur and blogger who teaches people how to turn their passions into a profitable business.

Her main focus is to teach people how to harness social media’s power to promote their blogs and business online. 

Besides that, she also hosts a podcast covering more or less the same topics she covers on her blog.

How does the blog make money?

She makes money by selling her courses and by earning affiliate commissions.

What topics does the blog cover?

She covers social media topics, blogging tips, email marketing, podcasts, personal development, and more.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: N/A

Email Client: ActiveCampaign

Health and Fitness Blogs

Check out these health and fitness blogs for more blog ideas.

10. Nerd Fitness

nerd fitness - fitness blog ideas

Nerd Fitness is the perfect example of “if you want to do something right, do it yourself.” Steve Kamb did precisely that. He created a blog about working out and weight loss.

Up until now, Nerd Fitness has helped over 40,000 people gain strength, lose weight, and boost their confidence. 

Nerd Fitness has a members-only area on its blog, which is a great way to build a strong community.

If you want to turn your blog into a membership site, you can easily do so using MemberPress.

How does the blog make money?

They make money by selling products, course subscriptions, and personal coaching. 

What topics do they cover?

Nerd Fitness covers topics on weight loss, working out, and exercising regimes. 

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Custom Theme for WordPress

Email Client: AWeber

11. The Fit Foodie

the fit foodie

Fit and foodie are two words that don’t go well together, but Sally O’Neil thinks you can be a foodie and still be fit if you follow the right diet.

The blog’s objective is to help people find a healthy balance so that people can indulge in their passion for being a foodie while being physically fit. 

How does the blog make money?

The Fit Foodie makes money by selling health products, recipes, and cookbooks.

If you want to sell your own products on your blog, check out our guide on how to create an online store.

What topics does the blog cover?

The blog mainly covers healthy recipes, nutrition, beauty tips, mental well-being, and more.

Built on: WooCommerce for WordPress

Theme: N/A

Email Client: Mailchimp

Beauty and Fashion Blogs

If you’re planning to start or already own a fashion blog, then this section is for you. Check out the best blog examples in the fashion niche for ideas you can steal.

12. Accidental Icon

accidental icon - best blog idea

Accidental Icon is a fashion blog that is being run by a 60-year-old college professor and a grandmother. 

When they say age is just a number, they are right. Age didn’t stop Lyn Slater from starting her fashion blog. 

She says she created this blog because she couldn’t find anything out there that spoke to an ordinary woman living in the city. 

Accidental Icon has its Instagram feed embedded on the blog. This is an awesome way to show off more fashion looks and encourage visitors to follow the blog on social media.

You can embed your Instagram feed on your blog too. The best way to do it is with a plugin like Instagram Feed Pro by Smash Balloon. Smash Balloon also offers feed plugins for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

How does the blog make money?

Accidental Icon makes money through affiliate commissions and by selling fashion guides. 

What topics does it cover?

Mostly about fashion and lifestyle, along with some DIY (do it yourself) tips on making designer clothes.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes

Email Client: GoDaddy Email

13. I Am Galla

i am galla - best blog ideas

I Am Galla is a fashion blog for men! You don’t often find a fashion blog that focuses on men’s styling, fashion tips, and fashion trends forecast. 

In a world where fashion is primarily dominated by women, I Am Galla is a much-needed addition. 

In case you’re wondering, Adam Gallagher is the man behind this blog, and he absolutely slays it. The website design is lit and the fashion tips are affordable and easy to follow.

As for why he started the blog, his goal is to help men with styling and finding general inspiration in the menswear world.

How does the blog make money?

Just like a typical fashion blog, I Am Galla solely focuses on generating income through affiliate commissions and collaborations.

What topics does it cover?

It covers topics on men’s fashion tips, men’s lifestyle, and a little about traveling.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: N/A

Email Client: Google’s G Suite

Recipes and Food Blogs

Food blogs are where cookbooks meet lifestyle magazines and in this section, we’ve listed some awesome food blog examples. Check them out and see if you can steal some ideas for your own food blog.

14. Pinch of Yum

pinch of yum - best blog examples for a food blog

Pinch of Yum is one of the most popular food blogs on Pinterest. Lindsay Ostrom started this food blog as a hobby while teaching fourth grade. Over time this hobby became a full-time business and also grew in popularity.

Unlike other inspirational blog examples in our list, Lindsay waited for three years after launching her blog to consider quitting her job. She wanted to be as safe as possible, and it all worked out well for her.

Pinch of Yum has been featured on big publications like BuzzFeed, Brit+Co, and PopSugar.

How does the blog make money?

It makes selling recipes, cookbooks, kitchen appliances, and selling subscriptions to her food blogger pro community.

What topics does it cover?

It’s a typical food blog that covers topics related to food and recipes.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Custom Theme

Email Client: ConvertKit and Drip

15. Alexandra’s Kitchen

alexandras kitchen

Alexandra Stafford’s passion for cooking led her to create Alexandra’s Kitchen. Her blog now has over 750 recipes, which is a remarkable achievement. 

What sets this blog apart from the rest is that it makes everything simple. Alexandra breaks down the recipes to the smallest detail so that anyone can re-create them. She speaks to the general audience, and she has recipes for everyone and everything. 

Many food blogs create their own cookbooks. Check out our post on how to create an ebook for tips on making your own.

How does the blog make money?

Alexandra makes money by selling her cookbooks and through affiliate marketing. She recommends a lot of products that she uses in the shop section of her website.

What topics does it cover?

Nothing out of the ordinary, Alexandra strictly sticks with posts that are about food and cooking.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Custom Theme

Email Client: ConvertKit

Lifestyle Blogs

A lifestyle blog is a curation of personal interests and activities of a blogger. These blogs serve as a great source of inspiration for bloggers who are just starting out.

Check out some successful lifestyle blogs below.

16. XOXO Bella

xoxobela - best blog examples

This is another one of our favorite blogs. Bella Bucchotti created XOXO Bella to blog about her love for fashion, travel, food, fitness, and life. 

She has type-1 diabetes, she uses this blog to spread awareness on how to deal with this disease and function properly in everyday life.

Some readers may argue that this should fall into the travel blog category. But if you go through her blog, you will find many articles on her lifestyle and fitness.

How does the blog make money?

Her primary source of income is through affiliate marketing. She has listed a lot of products under the shop section of her websites. Products related to fashion, travel, cooking, and merchandise are all there on the list. 

What topics does she cover?

Bella’s blog is all about her lifestyle and experiences. She shares tips on fashion, travel, and sometimes also on cooking.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Custom Theme

Email Client: Mailchimp

17. Living Well Spending Less

spending less living well - best blog examples

Living Well Spending Less is a blog that teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle on a budget. People might get confused that this sounds like a financial blog, but it isn’t. Ruth Soukup blogs about a lot of stuff like traveling, eating out, dressing up, etc., but she makes sure that the finances are in check. 

Ruth Soukup started this blog to help people keep their budgets in check and save money while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How does the blog make money?

Ruth makes money by selling her online course. That’s her primary source of income. However, she also makes money through affiliates, but it’s not her main focus.

What topics does it cover?

Ruth covers household tips, food tips, tips on how to save money, and life skills.

Built on: WordPress

Theme: Custom Theme

Email Client: Drip

We’re almost at the end of this article, but we wanted to bring something to your attention before we conclude.

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Well, that’s it for our list of best blog ideas. We hope you liked our list and found inspiration to help you in your blogging journey.

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