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Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the economy forever. Smart people are now turning to blogs and online business to supplement their income. That’s what Blog Tyrant is all about. Let me help you each step of the way with tested blogging, email marketing and SEO strategies that I use myself.


Where do I start?

The goal of Blog Tyrant is to share our tested blogging, SEO and email marketing strategies in the hope that they work for you too.

Most of our articles are 3,000-words long to give you as much detail as possible. Here’s some places that you might like to jump in:

Articles to help you start a blog — Revealed: How to Start a Blog and Succeed in 2018 // How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes // A 44-Point Checklist for Starting a Quality Blog // Take the Blogging Quiz //

Articles to help you grow a blog — How to Get 100k Visitors from Google // A Proven Blogging Strategy that Works in Any Niche // How to Write the Perfect Blog Post // 101+ Actionable Blogging Tips, Tools and Shortcuts // An 8-Step Formula for Blogging Success // 41 Tips to Get 10,000 Email Subscribers // How to Write More // Don’t Put Ads on Your Blog //

All of the blogging, SEO and online marketing strategies mentioned here have been tested by Ramsay and his partner Peta (who does editing, research, and PPC marketing for Blog Tyrant).

Okay, but who made this site?


My name is Ramsay Taplin and I’ve been working full time from home since around 2009 when I was lucky enough to sell one of my first blogs while still at college. That was when I became fascinated with the Internet and, since then, I’ve been making a full-time income from the Internet running a blogging company from my couch.

I don’t share this to brag, but just to express how wonderful blogging can be for people who want to build a new career or do something different for work. The economy is changing, and it’s my hope that this site will give you some new ways to make an income online for you and your family.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and as well. I mostly work on East Coast USA time, even if that means staying up late. If I can ever help you out, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Lastly, a quick “About You” Section

Why include an about you section in my about me page?

Well, because this blog is all about showing others the strategies and techniques that have worked for me.

While I do make a living with this blog, I only ever recommend ideas, products, etc. that have worked for me and that I think will work for you too.

I honestly believe that helping others is the only way to live my life meaningfully. I always try to respond to every comment and Tweet that I get and aim to develop friendships with as many of my readers as possible.

But what I’ve come to discover is that this blog has the single best community on the Internet and almost every post has hundreds of helpful comments and friendly, caring interactions. The comments are often more enlightening than my articles!

Oh, and the name Blog Tyrant is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek!

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