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Workplaces around the world are changing.

Automation, artificial intelligence and globalization are re-shaping industries that many people have relied on for years.

And as that happens, more and more people are turning to blogging and the Internet to find new sources of income to generate more savings or craft a new future proof career.

This is a 10,000-word guide on how your can start a blog and build a professional, ethical and modern income from the web.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to start a blog on the most successful platforms.
  2. Why blogging is still so powerful and growing every year.
  3. How to research keywords for maximum traffic potential.
  4. How to determine what Google is going to rank on the front page.
  5. Why you need to find a way to be distinctive and memorable.
  6. One strategic content strategy that is dominating Google.
  7. Affiliate strategies that make ethical money.
  8. And lots, lots more.

It’s my hope that this eBook will give you a solid basis on which to start a new blog and build a business or career online through strategies that work.

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