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How Does the Domain Name Generator Work?

Our domain name generator tool is powered by Nameboy, the most popular domain name tool which was launched back in 1999.

In a nutshell, Nameboy takes the keywords you enter into the tool and comes up with unique combinations to suggest the best domain name for when you’re starting a new blog or need a business name generator, URL generator, or just a simple domain name search.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

  1. Stick With .com Domains

    “Dot Com” is another word for internet business for a reason! When people think of website addresses, they automatically think “dot com”. That’s why we recommend looking for a domain that ends in .com instead of other domain endings like .net, .blog, .pizza or others.
  2. Make It Easy to Spell and Say

    One big mistake we see a lot is when new bloggers choose domain names that are long, confusing, or hard to spell. Imagine telling a friend about your new website. Make sure they can easily type it into their browser!

    That means using short words that are easy to spell and say, avoiding hyphens (which can look spammy), and avoiding double letters like “” which can cause typos and lost traffic.
  3. Choose a Brandable Domain

    When you’re starting a new blog or business, you want your domain name to be unique and memorable! It should stand out from the crowd so you can build up a brand that your readers remember.
  4. Use Relevant Keywords When Possible

    That said, using keywords in your domain is also a good idea that can give your search engine rankings a bit of a boost. Using our domain name generator, you can search for your target keywords to get unique combinations for your new blog.

Ready to get started? Just enter your keywords in the search box above!

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