The Problem with Working from Home

The Problem with Working from Home

Working from home is a big goal for many Tyrant Troops. It’s something we talk about all the time as if it’s a kind of living-room-located heaven on Earth. But […]

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How a 23-Year-Old Quit His Job to Build a $6m Online Travel Agency

Time for something new here at Blog Tyrant. Hey! I heard that collective sigh of relief! Anyway, for some reason I seem to be surrounded by people who are fantastically […]

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Evergreen Content: Why Articles for Experts are Killing Your Blog

As a blogger it is tempting to aim your articles at people who are at the same experience level as you. It’s natural – you want to share what you […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Read Blogs

Um…what? Yep, you heard me. It’s not a typo. You’re not hallucinating. You shouldn’t read blogs. I know this is going to be a highly controversial post, especially because you […]

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The SPELL IT OUT Technique: 5 Critical Moments to Educate Your Readers

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. — Malcolm Forbes Education is power. It allows us to reach new heights and achieve near-impossible things as […]

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Why News-Style WordPress Themes Are a Bad Idea for Some Bloggers

Ever wondered whether your WordPress theme was doing more harm than good? I don’t really like writing overly negative posts but I decided that some of my readers needed to […]

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On Unmasking and the Future of Blog Tyrant

In case you missed it I “came out” on ViperChill yesterday – the first person ever to get a guest spot on that awesome site. It was a nerve racking […]

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How to Create a Split Test that Mathematically Gets More Email Subscribers

You want to know what the really rich guys do that the rest of us don’t? They use maths. They use statistics. They measure, track, tweak and remove as much […]

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ROI in Social Media: How Important is it to be Everywhere?

When you first start getting interested in blogging, online marketing and social media you feel like you need to be everywhere. You start with your blog and then slowly (or […]

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