A Simple Tool to Explore the Internet’s Best Headlines

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297 Flabby Words and Phrases That Rob Your Writing of All Its Power

Smash the refresh button and explore inspiring headlines from around the web. Then hit Ctrl-Shift-D to bookmark for later.

A simple headline explorer

This is a simple explorer that contains an absolute boat-load of headlines that I found inspiring, effective or successful. The goal is to give you ideas when you’re writing your own titles for your blog.

Press your browser’s refresh button and you’ll get shown the headline and the website or blog where I found it so you can explore the article and their other stuff. I really like simple things and wanted to keep it low-key!

This is not intended to be the most comprehensive headline tool in the world, but rather a simple explorer that you can use when you’re bored or need a bit of inspiration to do more writing.

Do you have any favorite headlines?

I’ve tried to add as many successful and interesting headlines as possible, but I’d always love to know more. Feel free to drop me a comment with any good ones, or any other suggestions you might have for the this simple free tool.

Ramsay from Blog Tyrant


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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Cool tool Ramsay.

    Big fan of tinkering with my old headlines that got the most pop.

    If it worked in the past I tweak it some now.

    Thanks for sharing buddy.


    1. Ramsay

      Thanks man! Just a bit of fun!

  • Lily @ FindingBalance.mom

    Thanks for sharing Ramsay! I can’t wait to try this out.

    1. Ramsay


  • Thea Westra

    Love that! Thank you so much, Ramsay. Doing best at my blog are “10 Things Successful People Regularly Do” plus “12 Karmic Laws That Will Change Your Life”. 🙂

    1. Ramsay

      Hey Thea. Which one had better results?

  • Shobha Ponnappa

    Ramsay, thanks, this is far better than those headlines spinners that I have almost exhausted! Really useful tool, and the thing that works for me is the variety of headline types that come up with each refresh …

    1. Ramsay

      Thanks! Hopefully a bit of fun!

  • Edin Chavez

    This is great Ramsay, I always have a hard time coming up with creative headlines. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Ramsay

      Welcome! Hope it helps.

  • Julie Eden

    You know how Australia is known as the land down under. I wrote and article about Anal Itch and I called it ” The Anal Itch From Down Under”

    1. Ramsay

      Ha ha ha ha. Topical.

  • Elmail Clinton

    Mostly, I use BuzzSumo to find “title” that go viral.

    1. Ramsay

      Good idea!

  • Joyner

    Hello Ramsay,
    I want you to know; You’re the best thing that happened to my blogging career thus far. Thanks for always sharing.

    1. Ramsay

      That is far, far too kind. Glad this site has been useful.

  • Riaz Shah

    Thanks Ramsay, really helped me out when I’m out of words to write!

    1. Ramsay

      Most welcome!

  • Ahmad Imran

    Short and sweet Ramsay. Cheers

    1. Ramsay


  • bricoleur

    Great tool, great idea for a linkbait.
    Just make sure your surver can handle all the traffic “refrech! refrech!… “

    1. Ramsay

      Yeah, I definitely asked my sysadmin before hitting publish on this one!

  • Ajay

    Great idea.
    Short and simple one.

    1. Ramsay

      Thank you.

  • chris


    (My shortest comment on blogtyrant.com)

    1. Ramsay

      Any comment from you is welcome!

  • Hassaan Khan

    Hi Ramsay,

    I recently came across Free Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule, but haven’t tried it yet. Have you tried that?

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of these tools; but I can tell you, sometimes, these tools can come in handy.

    I’m glad you shared this tool with us.

    1. Ramsay

      Some of them are really great so definitely play around and see if you can get any new ideas or suggestions.

  • Alaric

    Why not make a list of 20 headlines so you don’t have to refresh 1 million times, is it just a way to increase page views

    1. Ramsay


      I guess I just thought that there was thousands of posts that are “top headlines” based and this is a slightly more interactive, fun and perhaps distinctive way of presenting them.

      Could be wrong though.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • yvette

    Hi Ramsay,
    I’ve refreshed this page over 5 times and nothing comes up but the same page?

    What am I doing wrong?


    1. Ramsay

      Hey Yvette. You might have an older cached version of the site somehow. I’ve made sure that this post isn’t cached, so maybe just hold down SHIFT and refresh and see if it changes.

  • KD Forsman

    Love it… thanks for the timely share – I’ve been thinking that my headlines are a little… well… dull.
    This is exactly what I need and I’m off to do some tweaking! Cheers, Karen

    1. Ramsay

      Hope it helps!

  • Tommy Banks

    Thank you for this very useful tool, Ramsay. In my case, it usually takes me several minutes to choose the titles. And yet, I don’t always have original ideas. This will be a great help. Greetings from Argentina!

    1. Ramsay

      Yeah, I spend ages on them and still feel like they often miss the mark. Good luck!

  • Khusbu

    Thanks for sharing this information with us, I always like to read such information regarding that topic so please keep it up and keep sharing..

  • Doronize

    Thanks a lot for this headlune explorer. This is really great

  • Donna Merrill

    Hey Ramsay,

    Thanks for the Tool! A few more headlines at once was preferable, but still worth using.

    ~ Donna

  • Molitics

    Thanks for sharing with us, Keep posting. Really useful tool, and the thing that works for me is the variety of headline types that come up with each refresh …

  • Alex

    Cool idea Ramsay, thanks for sharing this. I hope you keep adding to it.

  • Jonathan Gorham

    Hi Ramsay,

    An interesting and simple tool you’ve created here, I think I’ll use it to help me come up with some better headlines for my own blog. Personally, I find headlines that spark curiosity to be a great choice.

    Have you noticed a lot of sites experimenting with brackets in their titles? Example – How to write a blog [updated 2018]
    I wonder if it’s having an impact on generating more reader interest…

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Subhodip Das

    Hi Ramsay,

    Thanks for sharing this idea. A catchy and informative headline is very much effective for gathering traffic to a website. So I will also use this tool. Thanks Again.

  • Chris Jones

    Another useful post. Keep up the good work, Ramsay!