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The Truth About Guest Posting SEO that Everyone’s Missing


guest posting seo

Guest posting is dead!

At least that’s what everyone has been saying since Google’s web-ninja, Matt Cutts (and others), talked about how links in guest posts should no longer pass SEO juice.

Since then some of the biggest and best bloggers have been talking about whether or not guest posting is still a viable option for your SEO tactics. The best of these posts was written by Glen at ViperChill right here.

But the thing that people have been missing (even Glen) is that guest posting SEO is about more than just your rankings.

Ah… what?

You heard right. Let me explain.

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How to Get a Guest Post: The Harsh Realities No One Talks About


guest posting

Why can’t I get my guest posts accepted?

It’s a question I hear almost every day, and it’s one I’m sure all of us have pondered from time to time. It can be really frustrating to reach out to big blogs and get rejected again and again.

Today I’ve got a short video for you (I promised I was going to do a lot more of them) that is based around the harsh realities of guest posting.

In fact, the main premise of the video is this:

Guest posts grow new blogs, but new bloggers struggle to get guest posts.

So how do you overcome that double-edged sword? Watch the video to find out.

Note: This post is a lot shorter than the usual 3,000 to 5,000 words that I normally put out and that’s because I want to make sure you have time to watch the video.

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Why I Don’t Post Regularly and Why You Shouldn’t Either



So how often should you post new articles to your blog?

Some people say you should do it everyday. After all, Google’s Panda loves fresh content.

Other people say you should post multiple times each day. That gives people lots of material to share and talk about.

What about once a week? Is it perhaps best to keep it nice and regular and post on the same day each week?

Well, I disagree with all of those things.

And so do some of the guys making the biggest noise in the industry like Glen Allsopp and Derek Halpbern. I’ve even got quotes from them later in this post.

This post actually has two angles to it.

Read on.

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Flow Chart: My Guest Posting Strategy for Mass Subscribers


guest posting strategy

In the last six months I have had guest posts on Copyblogger, Problogger, Smart Passive Income and much more. A few of them have gone viral. Almost all of them have caused me to get a massive influx of traffic and sometimes up to 400 new subscribers in a single day.

Magic huh?

Well, not really. It was just a little bit of strategy and a lot of long-term relationship building. So for all of you who want more information on how I did it I have created a graphical flow chart to give you a basic plan. This flow chart is an extension of what I talked about on Problogger here.

It is my guest posting strategy for 2010 and 2011.

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