When you’re starting a blog you’ll inevitably spend a lot of time thinking about the name.

And rightly so – the name of your blog will play a huge role in how successful it becomes.

It’s the name that people see first, and it really affects what people think and feel about your blog.

Let’s take a look at all of this today in the latest instalment of Blog Tyrant’s Inbox thing where I answer your email questions here on the blog.

That needs a new name!

A question about blog names from Sharon

Today I received an email from Sharon who is subscribed to Blog Tyrant and had a quick question to ask about the best way to go about choosing a name for her new blog.

choosing a name

This is a really good question and I thought it was worth sharing here (with permission!) because I know a lot of people think about this.

I also know that a lot of people get it wrong.

And it’s often a bit of a shame because sometimes you’ll see a blog with really amazing content and ideas that doesn’t quite get the traction it deserves because (or so I suspect…) the name is a bit weird and the brand doesn’t work.

How to choose a name for your blog

Here is a quick guide that you can use the next time you’re starting a blog and want to come up with a name.

When it comes to choosing a name for your blog there are a few options to consider. Each one has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look.

1. A domain name with an exact match keyword set

One strategy that many internet entrepreneurs used to use was one where you bought a domain name that exactly matched the key phrase that you were targeting in Google.

For example, if you wanted to rank on Google for “shop online” it used to be a really good idea to have the domain name – Google gave a heavy weighting to exact match domains. Things have changed somewhat now and this is less important which is good because it’s nearly impossible to get an exact match domain name anymore.

Take a look at this Flippa listing where the domain name didn’t sell despite getting bids of $85,000!


Now that is one of the best domain names you’ll ever see and clearly the owner knows that it is worth a lot more – even though the website attached isn’t developed.

If you can get a good exact match domain name for a simple key phrase then I recommend buying it even if you don’t end up using it. Sometimes they can come in handy for future projects, but also they still do have a lot of power, especially for local markets.


As you can see above, I typed in “Manhattan plumbing” and the first result is a website that has that exact phrase in the domain name. This is an example of a local listing doing well from this technique where a more general website with a worldwide audience might not.

2. A domain name with a keyword + unique element

The next option is the one that I went with here on Blog Tyrant.

The idea is that you combine a keyword from your niche (for me it was “blog”) with a unique element that serves to explain your brand. I thought “tyrant” was kind of ironic, but it was also something that people would remember while kind of understanding what the site was about.

If you choose this option you want to make sure that:

  • It makes sense
    There are some sites who do nonsensical domain names but for the most part you want your branding word to enhance your chosen keyword. Make it meaningful.
  • It is distinctive
    This is one of the main points made in the book How Brands Grow. You need to stand out from the crowd by find a way to be distinctive from the other competitors in your niche.
  • It fits with your strategy
    Make sure the combination of words that you choose fits with your blogging strategy for the future. You want to create a feeling and a perception of your whole blog with this name where possible.

People have been doing this for cafes, books, businesses and music albums for years. Does Illmatic count?

Ticked one off the bucket list tonight. Soundtrack of my high school days. #nas #illmatic #gettingold

A photo posted by Ramsay Taplin (@ramsaytaplin) on

A few big examples of sites that do this really well are Nerd Fitness, ProBlogger, Zen Habits and Lifehacker. These blogs instantly tell you what they’re about while making themselves memorable and clear.

3. Use your real name

One option that not many people consider is using your real, full name.

This can often be a good idea if you are trying to build a personal brand perhaps as a means to grow your own company or a bunch of different services that you plan to offer.

A few years Pat Flynn build a personal website because he had so many different projects (books, podcasts, websites, etc.) and wanted a place to put them all in one place for people to see.

pat flynn

A few really famous blogs have gone this route (like Steve Pavlina) and it’s worked really well for them. Of course there are issues you need to weigh up about giving that much exposure to your personal name, and the fact that you could probably never sell or transfer the website to someone else without issues occurring.

4. A completely random (or seemingly random…) name

The last option that you really have is to go with a word or combination of words that are mostly used for the sake of being memorable and don’t have any overt links.

One example of this is actually one of the largest companies in the world – Apple.

One the face of it, Apple products have nothing to do with Apples. If you dig into the history you’ll learn about how Steve Jobs thought of the name while on a fruit bender and visiting an Apple farm. He thought it sounded un-intimidating.

It’s a risky option but it can pay off really well if you gain some notoriety because it is inherently distinctive. Again, you need to think carefully about how it fits into your brand and overall strategy.

So now what do I do?

Now that you’ve got some ideas about the “broad strokes” of domain name selection you might still be wondering, “Well, how do I actually go about choosing one…?

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Competition analysis
    Make a big list of all the websites in your niche and see if they give you any ideas. You don’t want to copy anyone’s brand (like there are a few Blog + Head of State blogs out there these days…) but you might get some inspiration about what’s missing.
  • Sit down with friends
    Sometimes people who aren’t in the industry have different insights into how it all works and come up with really alternative names. Invite them out for coffee and put a piece of paper on the table and just write everything down. I’ve had a few cool ideas like this.
  • Use a generator
    I’m not a big fan of these but they can give you some interesting ideas to work with. For example, Panabee allows you to put in two words and then goes off and returns a bunch of ideas, related words and other options.

Sometimes I feel like once you hear the name in your head you’ll know if it’s right. You’ve got to work with this blog for a long period of time so don’t rush into the selection too much. Obviously don’t take weeks and weeks to decide, but there’s nothing wrong with being sure.

How did you choose your name?

Almost every single one of the Tyrant Troops would have a blog name. I’d really love to know how you came up with your name and whether you have any tips for people who might read this article in the future. Please leave a comment below and let us know!


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  1. Hemapriya on August 19, 2015

    Dear Ramsay,
    I am sure this post will be beneficial for many newbie bloggers who are confused about naming their blog. When I decided to start a parenting blog, I wanted my kids to be the main focus, so I named it MyLittleMoppet meaning MyLittleOne 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing! Very cute.

    2. mizChartreuse on August 26, 2015

      So key! Very cute name. 🙂

  2. I just wrote a post about this very topic over on SITS Girls. One of the things I mentioned was the difficulty of using your own name when it’s a common name. In that case it can be fun to add something descriptive – like “JoeBrownWrites” or “CoachSueSmith”, depending on what your blog is about.

    Others might have an issue where their name is so long or unusually spelled it can be difficult for readers to remember – in that case you may want to shorten it – if your name is Sue Brammakovitch, maybe you’d change it to “CoachSueB” or for fun “CoachSueBee”.

    When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to help work at home moms (wahm) and a big part of that was getting people to stop being afraid and just start taking action. So I went with Take Action WAHM. It works for me 🙂

    1. That’s a really good point about the full name thing. Hadn’t thought of that!

  3. Michael Gorman on August 20, 2015

    I recently started a site, which I plan to make into a magazine style blog which is based exactly on the topic
    I have a big interest in micro brewing and distilling and also Tasmania I plan to make this into something special if I can, it is very early in the game and I have only just begun with it, but I think the title should be OK, what do you think Ramsay?

    1. That is a great domain name!

      I’ve never crossed the sea down to Tassie. Might have to make a trip soon.

  4. I started my blog when we moved to Dubai from Japan. Most expats come to Dubai to seek “greener pastures”, to get rich (some expat packages are really attractive…). But not us, our move wasn’t for money but for adventure. We wanted a different lifestyle than the hectic one we had in Japan and we wanted to move into an English speaking country for our then 3 year old daughter, to experience a different culture (thankfully, Dubai is the most open and accommodating to foreigners in all Middle East). Hence, our pastures is not really “greener”, only sandier…I named my blog “Sandier Pastures”.

    1. Ha! Love it.

  5. Mohinder Verma on August 20, 2015

    Hi Ramsay, it is good to read this post because a domain name is the backbone for blogging and all other factors come later when you start writing.

    I think there is no other easy examples for choosing a domain name for a blog as you have written very well.

    I have one question, when I started my above blog and while choosing its name as “BLOGGINGFUNDA”, I found that it is already taken and I just select with a little change as “BLOGINGFUNDA”.

    My question is that, can we choose domain name for blogging with the same name as it is already chosen?

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

    1. I’m not sure on that one. So your domain name has a spelling error in it? How has it been going?

  6. It took me a long time to come up with my name, but I’m happy with the choice to go unique. more domain names that way, and it’s way more memorable.

    1. Yeah you did well mate.

  7. Kas Sommers on August 20, 2015

    I struggled with a name for weeks and it was so difficult because my blog covers a range of topics from travel, being vegan, aging in an adventurous and fun way, product reviews, singing barbershop. Finding a two word easy-to-spell but not already taken name like face-book, you-tube, snap-chat, etc was too hard and in the end I went with my own name, It’s unique, all the social media handles are mine, it’s timeless and I don’t intend to sell it.

    1. Sounds like a great decisions. Has it been working well for you?

    2. I went with my name too. Well, mine and my husband’s. We haven’t focused in on just one topic so a creative name just doesn’t work for our branding.

      1. Yours sounds like a cool hipster blog!

  8. Naming it important.
    When I was starting my Linux/Open Source blog, I could not decide what to call it. I went on to name it It’s FOSS. FOSS is abbreviation for Free and Open Source and I thought it would be good to attract Linux and Open Source users.

    Today I regret that. Don’t get me wrong, after 3 years, my blog has 17K+ FB fans, 17K+ email subscribers but since the blog is focused on beginner Linux users, I think that it could have worked a lot well (specially in social media) if the name had Linux in it.

    Also, search It’s FOSS on Feedly with apostrophe creates trouble. Some social share plugin also mess up It’s as It&xyz.

    Lesson learned for me. Avoid special characters. Try best to include the salable brand name in it.

    1. Sounds like awesome results to me!

  9. Oh boy! I wish we’d read this post years ago when we settled on our blog name. We naively chose a name when the prospect of understanding SEO was about as realistic as understanding the theory of quantum electro dynamics – boffin territory! How things have changed.

    1. It’s such a hard one to get right!

  10. Tommy Bjorn on August 20, 2015

    Hey Ramsay!

    My site were mainly created because I was looking for a way to earn a second income on the side of my regular job, to be able to pay my debt and support for my newborn son and family.

    So I spent a lot of time looking for a cool name with good keywords in it, but as I got tired I actually ended up picking the most logical and straight-forward name of them all,…

    So much for creativity…

    Anyway, thanks again for yet another great post Ramsay! Best regards from “Triple T” (tyrant trooper Tommy) 🙂

    1. Sounds like a pretty good choice of a name to me. How’s it all going for you?

  11. Great post Ramsey !

    I took me a lot of time choosing the right name for my blog. Because I wanted the name to be relevant to what I am blogging about and also a name which sticks to the readers mind (increases direct traffic).

    Thats why I followed your formula in the past: – A domain name with a keyword + unique element. The name where I came up with was ”bloggingnerds” I think its a good one ( and a bit funny and it wakes up curiosity )



    1. Nice work Yordi! Hope it’s going well for you.

    2. Hey Yordi,

      Bloggingnerds works well.

      Just visited your site and read your post on essential plugins. Security was my main takeaway.


  12. Peter Ewin Hall on August 20, 2015

    Getting the name right is definitely worth some thought, research and effort. I think something unique/distinctive and not too long that conveys a sense of what your sites about is what to aim for.

    My own site (lifewhack) isn’t unique enough (google throws up a “did you mean”), it is though only nine letters but is a bit too cryptic/ambiguous in it’s sense.

    Still, all lenses for the next blog!

    1. I typed it into Google and it didn’t do a “did you mean” for me. That’s good!

  13. Hi,

    How do people contact you. I am a subscriber. Do I just ask questions through this comment section?

    Ps. Great blog


    1. You can. Or on Twitter or use the contact link at the bottom of the website.

  14. I spent a while thinking of clever names for my brand/site but decided that going with descriptive would be the best so people could see at a glance what it is. So I went with The Sewing Directory, which is a directory of sewing businesses in the UK.

    It does seem a bit unimaginative but it does the job and there’s no doubt as to what people will find on the site. I’ve since seen a couple other sites in my industry set up with ‘clever’ names which confuse people because they have no idea what the site actually does and what content to expect.

    1. Hi Fiona,

      Funny thing these domain names, particularly when you first glance at them as they appear when hovering over your name/gravatar. I needed to do a double take because I was sure that I first read ‘theSWINGdirectory’ and thought I was about to enter a dating site. So being a curious sole, I had a look.

      Fortunately I wasn’t too disappointed as your site brought back some childhood memories of my mum using her old Singer sewing machine to make our clothes, which during the 70’s was the norm so flared trousers, loud shirts and tank-tops where the norm. Matched with a feather hair cut we looked so cool…..or so we thought. Ha.ha.

      Nice site though.

      1. Fiona I think a direct domain name like that is perfect.

    2. I really appreciate the name you chose, Fiona. I am going back and forth between practical and trendy. You picked a winner!

    3. Junming Guan on September 7, 2015

      Hi Fiona!

      The website does stand out, when you type “The Sewing Directory.” Nice site and easy to remember name.

  15. Hi Ramsay, love your blog and learn a lot from it. It’s my go to when I have problems. And right now I am having loads of problems! I know this has nothing to do with naming the blog but I tried to comment on another blog post related to my question but comments are closed.

    Facebook and debugging so my link will post on my page….!!! What’s happening?! I’ve tried everything it says, would it be that my website is too slow therefore the debugging gives up?

    I think the major problem with my website is the speed of it. I have read your blog about your hosting provider and apps to ‘smush’ stuff, and think hosting might be the best option, but unsure?

    Also my google analytics are completely spammed, so I just have no idea whats going on anymore!!

    Any blog on this sort of stuff would greatly help me!

    Love your work Ramsay, thank you!

    1. Hi Kristen.

      I did a speed test on your site using Pingdom Tools and it returned a result of over 30 seconds! Ideally a website should load in under 1 second.

      There is some issue with your server as the page itself is not too big. I would contact your host’s support and ask them to help you find a solution.

      Please let me know how you go.

  16. Hi, Ramsay!

    Great topic!

    My blog, Ever Illuminated, is brand new. I really struggled when naming it. I knew the concept, though, when I started. I wanted to create something beautiful. And, since it’s a blog for professional photographers, I wanted the name to have something to do with light.

    I spent a lot of time on looking at words. A poetic name especially appealed to me, so I also looked at lists of beautiful sounding words. My brain worked on it all the time, too.

    When you find a name you love, that first time you utter it to a stranger is a “hold your breath” kind of moment. I wasn’t completely sure of the name when my branding company first started working with me. But they were encouraging about it; the more I thought about it, the more I loved it.

    I did some preliminary searches on my own and then hired an attorney to make doubly sure the name was OK to use.

    I regret that it is a little long, but it’s only two words, at least.

    After all the branding and website design, I still love it. We’ll see if I still love it next year.

    Thanks for the great content.


    1. It’s a beautiful website Dawn! Love the color scheme and it flows really nicely.

      1. Thank you, Ramsay!

  17. I am wondering if I need a blog name if my blog is simply one of the menu items on my personal site. Does that make sense?

    1. Nah I don’t think you need a separate name for it. People know what you mean.

  18. It took me a while to pick Landlord Rescue as my business name. In fact other people liked it too. Some of them stole my business name and there was a lawsuit about it. That I won.

    Plus insurance wants me to pay more because I have a memorable business name.

    It’s good.

    1. That bit about insurance sounds weird… What’s the reason there? Canadian law?

  19. Johnny Lloyd on August 20, 2015

    I desperately wanted freefit as my brand name but .com was taken. However, the .co was available to my shock! I nabbed it and will brand it as FREEFIT.CO to overcome the .com habit people still have, and the rest is history! Well, it’s not history yet…I still have to develope into a health and fitness mega-giant empire. But that’s coming just you wait! Thanks for great posts Ramsay!

    1. Keep us up to date with your progress!

  20. This is such a good post and one that I’ll certainly be returning to when I come to setting up my next website!

    I spent ages naming my first blog (fashion and lifestyle – I played around with the first of these ideas for ages, trying to use the words ‘fashion’ or ‘style’, but the market is very saturated. I eventually chose the A La Jode after it popped into my head one morning. I guess it would fall somewhere between the second and third of these as it’s a play on my name (Jodie) and a fashion term (a la mode).

    Once I thought of it, I “knew” it was the one. The only downside is that sometimes people don’t get it straight away – but they nearly always think it’s cool when they do!

    Thanks for yet another great post.


    1. I get it! Ha. Nice one.

  21. Ramsay,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to give my initial inquiry such a thoughtful and thorough response. You gave so many helpful suggestions, tips, and personal insights. I’m really enjoying learning about the world of blogging and appreciate how open and honest you are in all your feedback. I’m super impressed that you took a question I sent you in an email and turned it into an extensive blog post. This is definitely a worthy topic for us newbies. As soon as my site is up and running, I’ll be sure to share out! Thank you again!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Sharon! I’m also glad you saw it – I totally forgot to email you to say it had gone live. Whoops…

  22. G’day Ramsey and Troops,

    Choosing a domain name for a blog or a website is an ‘evergreen’ topic covered by many bloggers but this particular post hit a cord with me, particularly this:-

    Re – 1. A domain name with an exact match keyword set

    There continues to be a common misconception surrounding the use of EMD’s, even today in 2015.

    Many will attempt to dissuade new bloggers or webmasters from using an EMD based on their personal experience of using them and then being bitten by Panda and Penguin.

    I think you rightly make the clear distinction to how EMD’s were used and how they can still be used today to great effect.

    Having said that, there are plenty of websites/blogs that use fantastic domain names but are awful in every other area. What a waste of a good domain name.

    As you have also alluded too with your example, there are also those who have snapped up some really great domain names that could be put to good use but are now sitting doing nothing and simply waiting for a big pay day. What a shame this is too! They will probably never see the light of day.

    Anyways, onto the EMD question.

    I have an existing local ‘bricks and mortar’ business and my own website/blog used for that particular business is an EMD and is made up of the keywords for my profession and the region I cover, much the same as your “Manhattan plumbing” example, which I would imagine is a perfect domain name for any plumber in Manhattan (although I am not a plumber and I live over the pond from Manhattan).

    I offer a physical service and don’t necessarily need 5000 searches per month because quite frankly I couldn’t cope with that much business, so some advice often given on choosing a domain name or post title that have ‘x amount of searches per month’ is often also irrelevant and often misleading for many ‘local’ businesses who need a website/blog and who are trying to determine what to name it.

    My advice to those reading this who have a ‘local’ business is that this use of an EMD works just perfectly and will continue to do so for local businesses who offer a genuine product or service and more importantly……have a blog attached to a front facing website with fresh/relevant content that keeps in touch and engages with customers.

    A website on its own can do only so much and quite frankly is likely to be the same as your competitors website……stale and boring that never gets updated. Get the upper hand and utilise the website with a blog.

    A blog on its own can do only so much and quite frankly nobody really likes hitting the homepage of a ‘local’ business website and seeing a blog page format as the home page.

    I also believe that Google’s use of the manual check of a website/blog is too often under estimated and under stated. It happens and if you are offering a great local service and provide value then an EMD is perfect for a local static ‘bricks and mortar’ business.

    It is those who create the same/same thin affiliate sites, crammed with links and ads that target the global audience that don’t see any traction from organic searches. Many are still using free blogging platforms or low rated CMS type software to offer their wares and having a good domain name won’t make much of a difference for them anyway. Google knows which type of software is being used for spammy low value sites so will naturally focus to check those as a priority and discount them.

    Anyways, a bit of a ramble but hope that helps someone reading. Sorry….got off on a bit of a tangent.

    I also have a few hobbies that I want to start creating a new website/blog around and as a keen skydiver, skier and scuba diver who also like to travel around doing this I have recently purchased a domain name that I hope I can use to share my experiences as I travel and as a produce some adrenaline.

    I think I was extremely lucky to find this domain name available. I just need to decide which wordpress theme is best to use for it. Helllllllllllp!

    “Choosing a good wordpress theme” would therefore be a really useful next post please Ramsey.

    Blue skies


    1. Hi Jonah.

      What a wonderful comment! Have you been diving around Australia?

      I have some new stuff on WordPress themes coming up soon. I think Studiopress is a pretty good place to start if you’re serious, although it can be a bit of a learning curve to get used to their technology at first.

      1. Hi Ramsay (spelled correctly this time) & Troops,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Yes, travelled extensively around Australia a few years ago and dived at every possible opportunity.

        Skydived over the fantastic Byron Bay a few times, as well as over Toogoolawa at the Ramblers DZ and up at Coolum onto the beach. Amazing experiences.

        Scuba Dived at Byron Bay with the blue nurse sharks and as far up as the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns quite a few times.

        Also did a bit over at Ningaloo Reef around Turquoise Bay in WA. The most beautiful beach, clear blue waters and the best place on the planet to see Whale Sharks. Snorkelling for the kids was just amazing. Nemo and Dory heaven.

        Also skied your wonderful Snowy Mountains at Perisher Blue. Stayed at the picturesque Jindabyne next to the lake. Awesome place. Wallabies everywhere.

        Surfed on pretty much every beach we went to (was very much a learner back then so surfing doesn’t quite describe what I was actually doing. Floating with style is more apt).

        OZ is probably the best country in the world for someone like me. (NZ comes a very close second, largely due to the weather, which is very much like the UK but still managed to Skydive over lake Taupo).

        I am deadly serious. I already use a premium Studiopress Genesis Framework Child Theme for my offline business (Executive Pro Theme) and although I love Studiopress they don’t really have a theme that I have found to suit an extreme sports website/blog. Of course, I am no expert so can’t really see past the demo for any theme so would appreciate some steering when you get around to it.

        Blue Skies


  23. Hi Ramsay,
    Thanks for all your great tips. Your blog is my go to place for blog wisdom as I am a complete newbie. Your blog is clear, informative and easy to understand. I still do not have my site established. It is all going a bit slowly but like Kassie I have a blog in preparation which will be covering a variety of life issues as my background is in counselling and health education. training and develppment .It is a wide area blog and I am going to be focussing on life issues/problems and solutions. It took quite a while for me to make a decision about a name as many names to do with life issues were taken. In the end I went with my first name Janet and as it covers ‘everything’ I have called it My hope is that it will be memorable and a helpful site. What do you and others think?

    1. Hi Janet.

      I have to be really honest here as we’re all trying to learn – I do like your domain name but I don’t love it. I think perhaps it is a little bit diluted with too many things going on.

      If you really love this domain then I’d go with it, but it might also be worth seeing if you can come up with something more concise – perhaps with two words instead of three. I worry that it might not be as effective as it could be.

      One good test is if you can easily say it in a sentence. So, “have you been to NerdFitness today?” works well whereas “have you been to PlantJanetBlog today?” isn’t quite correct English. You’d almost want to say “have you been to THE PlantJanetBlog today?”.

      Hope this helps.

  24. Ryan Biddulph on August 21, 2015

    Good tips Ramsay!

    I got a good one dude in Blogging from Paradise Dot Com. I trashed my old blog, got clear, and the idea popped into my mind. It’s colorful, easy to visualize and it embodies my brand, and hell…my life. I feel blessed to have scored the perfect domain name for my blog, books and podcasts, and I feel you have a kick butt domain name too 😉 I will always remember you from your Pro Blogger guest posting days. Super memorable brand.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Excellent Ryan! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us…

    2. Ah those were the days! Thanks for commenting mate.

  25. Matt Banner on August 22, 2015

    Great stuff here Ramsay.

    I’d say one of the biggest things preventing someone from ‘taking the leap of faith’ and starting their own blog is that they have no idea what to name their blog!

    You outlined a number of good exercises people can use to help them get through that pain point.

    Haven’t heard of Panabee before. I’ll have to check it out.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    – Matt

    1. Thanks Matt! Hope it helps.

  26. Dewald Swart on August 24, 2015

    My first thought when reading the headline was, there really is a guide for that? After reading the post it made allot of sense though. Also the advise you gave is really practical and logical. I especially like the second method of combining a keyword with something personal for example

    Next time a have to choose a domain name I will keep this post in mind.

    1. Glad you liked it!

  27. Theodore Nwangene on August 24, 2015

    Hello Ramsay,
    This is yet another excellent post and i agree with all your points 100% because they’re so true.

    Choosing a domain name is always the first thing that comes to mind when building a blog while most people usually rush the process, i think its good to always give it a good time in order to choose a domain you won’t hate later along the line.

    I’ve seen many people complaining that they no longer like their domain name and want to change, and this is because they didn’t take time to decide on the domain when they started.

    For me, i think it will always be better to choose a branded domain, i won’t go for exact matches right now because i understands that it doesn’t carry much weight again like before. So, i usually go for branded domains these days.

    Good stuff Ramsay

    1. Thanks for commenting, Theodore!

  28. Infinite Loop Designs on August 24, 2015

    Great article, Ramsay!

    We originally chose our name (Infinite Loop Designs) to tip our hat to Apple. We absolutely love Apple’s UI / UX design, and wanted our designs to have a simple, elegant feel as well.

    * “1 Infinite Loop” is the road where Apple Headquarters is located!

    1. Oh nice one!

  29. I called my blog La Rue Main, because I live on Main St. But in a town in Dublin! Not France. It seems to work well, because it’s an arts blog.

    I signed up to a blog package from one of your ads, Ramsay, a few months ago. And am happy to say my blog has been long-listed for Best Art and Culture blog in the Irish Blog Awards. #bloggies2015

    If I can just get on the short list now!

    1. Amazing! Congratulations.

  30. Hamza Akram on August 28, 2015

    As a reader of your content for quite a while now, I must say that you never fail to surprise me Ramsay!

    This was an excellent post and I really liked it. Moreover, I have also created a blog, and chose a name I thought would be appropriate; “Blogging Evolved”. Can you please give your opinion on it?

    P.S I would also like to know the name of the new pop up optin form plugin you are using 😉

    1. I made that design myself, but the plugin is called Scroll Triggered Boxes.

  31. David Arthur on August 29, 2015

    Thank you very much for this guide man very helpfull

    1. Welcome!

  32. Cathy Mayhue on August 31, 2015

    Hi Ramsay,

    Using keywords in conjunction with some thing unique makes complete sense. But I have seen using random, funny and easy to remember names making best impression. But this is first step only, your blog should be backed with some really amazing and well researched content.

    1. Agreed.

  33. Keyword Research on August 31, 2015

    hey..great article. I would love to come here again for these kind of great articles..
    Keep posting this kind of quality content.

  34. Hi Ramsay,

    I have a Doubt, what if I choose a Domain which contains Google in it. Something like myGoogleweb or mygoogleonline, Does these domain names are Good or Just avoid Google in Domain Name?

    What I thought is as impending Google Keyword, so we can Rank it but what Stopped me is there will be many websites of Google which will definitely outperform this.what’s your view in this?

    1. I don’t think you can buy a domain name with Google in it for trademark reasons. It might lead to trouble.

  35. Yomar is what my parents named me and now I am going to make it my online identity. I want to build a brand on my name so that my content lives after me and I can change lives. This is why I bought this domain.

    1. I like it. What does it mean?

  36. I prefer personal name and that is what I picked for mine.

    Another strategy would be to mix name with niche: marketing with name…

    1. That’s a good idea!

  37. Wonderful article !! Recently even I published my take on how to select a domain name let me know what you think ramsay !!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have a look.

  38. Patricia Taylor on September 5, 2015

    Great article! You have given me some great ideas.

  39. Ramsay,
    Doe or Die is better than Illmatic. Check it out.
    Have a good day sir!
    Nice blog.

    1. What!?

  40. Alpesh Ajmera on September 7, 2015

    Thanks for sharing. It is very important as the domain name will be the future brand and so before selecting the domain name the above mentioned points should be considered. Research is always help to decided. So go on guys.

  41. you are very good at what you do…i find your post very helpful.

  42. thanks Ramsay,
    you made my work easier
    in search of guide to choosing a blog name, i came here
    this is helpful
    thanks again

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