Parrots lining up. That's a joke.

When I launched Blog Tyrant over a year ago (can you believe it?) I instantly got lucky.

I hit the front page of Delicious in the first few weeks and had tens of thousands of visitors who subscribed, tweeted and told their friends.

My career as the Blog Tyrant was born… thank heavens.

And from the beginning I decided that I wasn’t accepting any guest posts, even if Seth Godin himself wrote to me. A lot of people thought this was a strange decision.

So why did I do it?

Well, the reason was simple really: I wanted people to get to know my brand and my style.

I wanted people to become familiar with the way I did things on the site.

I wanted my brand to be solid and recognizable across the blogosphere.

Sure, it would have been easy to let the guests posts flow in because I already had a lot of subscribers and traffic and loyal readers. I could have stepped back and let other people fill out the blog with mediocre content as we are seeing so many other blogs do nowadays.

But I didn’t.

I decided to do things the hard way by producing long, detailed, exhausting articles that really helped my readers as much as possible. I stuck around answering every comment and replying to every email. And now, all these months later, I feel like I’m ready to open the site up.

But be warned. I’m doing guest posts a little differently.

Guest posts done differently

You see, I am really attached to this site. I am attached to what I’ve built up and I really don’t want my readers to think any less of me because of the guest posts that I accept.

For this reason I am making some really strict but hopefully not too restricting guidelines.

Here they are:

1. You have to know your topic better than me
I once heard Tim Ferriss say that he doesn’t accept guest posts on topics that he could write about himself. As soon as I read that statement I initially knew he was right – guest posts are not about filling out your blog with content, they are about featuring authors who can educate your readers in a way that you can’t.

So, if you want to write a guest post on Blog Tyrant you’ll need to know your stuff pretty well. I don’t have the largest readership in the world but I do care a lot about them and their careers.

That being said, I am keenly aware of my shortcomings and am very open to learning from other people. Even on blogging and online marketing there are so many bloggers who know a sh#t tonne more than I do.

2. You have to be a good person trying to help
Another borrowed philosophy: I once heard John Mayer that he was happy to feature Taylor Swift on his album because he knew that in ten or twenty years she’d still be a good and decent person and he wouldn’t have any regrets.

I feel the same about this blog. I don’t want to feature and promote people who then go back to their own blogs and do dishonest things.

I guess this means that I am going to check up on all the potential authors I feature. I’m not talking about police background checks and going through your garbage but I will read through your old posts and make sure I think you mean well.

3. You have to be open to criticism
I think I’m going to find this aspect of accepting guest posts pretty difficult – saying no. But I promised myself I’d be tough.

You see, as soon as you open up for guest posts people start submitting crap. I’ve experienced it on a lot of my other blogs and I know a lot of other bloggers who talk about it. They just want to get featured on as many blogs as possible to get those juicy backlinks.

The funny thing is that I’ll probably hold people to a higher standard than I hold myself, at least in the beginning. I’m strange like that. And I apologize in advance.

4. You have to be a good blogger
Notice I didn’t say a good writer. I don’t care if you are a good writer. I want you to be a good blogger.

What’s the difference? Well, a good blogger knows how to write but also how to make those words work on a blog. They use headers, dot points, links and photos to sell their ideas. And their ideas are clever and provide a new perspective on something that we all do everyday. And they can push their content socially.

Keep in mind that this means you can do videos or podcasts or a mixture of everything in between. Blogging is an artform (or an anti-artform) that I hope guest posters have some ideas about.

5. You have to be open to regular contribution and collaboration with me
The last thing that I really want to try with my featured guest posters is coaching and collaboration. Now, this won’t work in every situation but I had the idea that many new bloggers might want feedback on their posts and promotion in the long term.

What this means is that I would like to pick only a small handful of guest posters to regularly feature on the blog instead of dozens of random one-timers.

Those regular guest posters will have access to me whenever they want to discuss their ideas, post structure, promotion, etc. I want their posts on Blog Tyrant to not just help my readers but also grow their careers.

What do the readers think?

What do you think about Blog Tyrant being open for guest posts? Are you upset that things are changing or are you interested to see who gets a post live? Please leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Great idea! Equitable concept too, but good luck finding peeps who know more than you, clever trousers!!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      You’d be surprised. I’m the epitome of the saying “its better to be lucky than good”.

      Thanks for the kindness though Louise.

    2. liz@lifedreaming on March 15, 2012

      Hi Louise
      Really love your blog and the header images are outstanding.

      Looking forward to a wander around and subscribed so I don’t miss anything.


      1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

        Liz! You’re back!

        Love the networking here.

        1. liz@lifedreaming on March 15, 2012

          It’s been a mad wee while but I’m back. I love Louise’s blog and that’s why I also like this blog. There are a few reasons:
          1. you write posts that make me think and always have some kind of information that helps me do stuff better
          2. there is a great community of people commenting and they are supportive of each other – that’s important to me.
          3. I get to see other great sites and blogs

          win win win

          1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

            I don’t know how I managed to get 100% nice people on this blog. I’ve never really seen it before.

            Perhaps when I show my face in a few weeks that will change?

  2. liz@lifedreaming on March 15, 2012

    Hi BT
    Well done you.

    I like the whole values driven list – link good/experienced people to other good people. Works for me.

    Hope life is treating you well mate.


    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks Liz. Great to see you back.

      1. liz@lifedreaming on March 15, 2012

        Nice to be back BT.

        Took your advice and we’re revamping the LD site for a new look towards the end of April – no more dark background but we’re keeping the logo. I like the power of it and our [mainly women] following love it.

        Will be rereading a lot of your posts to help me strategise our launch.

        Thanks mate for keeping the blog going and providing class content. Be a nice challenge for guest bloggers to lift their game.


        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          Thanks Liz. You are one of the original readers I always talk about. Your input around here has been gold.

          Let me know if you need any help with that re-vamp. Love to work with you.

          1. liz@lifedreaming on March 15, 2012

            As we say here in Ireland – you’re a dote. That’s a big compliment.

            Might be taking you up on some advice and support.

            Thanks for the nice comment. I’ve just always liked this blog and it’s one of the few I haven’t unsubscribed from.


  3. I can write you a nice post about growing vegetables 🙂

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Sounds philosophical! I like it.

      1. Just kidding mate…my English sucks and your wonderful piece of writing (your blog I mean) will get noticed for the bad things.

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          Your English seems pretty good to me. Keep up all the great comments and its bound to blossom.

          1. Thanks man, you are very kind.
            Why do you think I come and comment here? For your content? No mate…to exercise my English :lol

  4. Steve Devonport on March 15, 2012


    When you say “know more than me” – is that about any subject or about your specific subject?

    I’m curious to know what subjects you would accept guest posting on as I’m just starting to build my site and write content.


    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Hey Steve.

      Good question – I wasn’t real clear about that.

      This blog has always been about blogging and online marketing strategy. I’ve always written from an experience point of view without too many theoretical style posts.

      So i’d want someone to do the same about sub-niches within those broad niches. For example, I’m not real knowledgable at affiliate marketing, etc. so someone could fill that gap.

      Its a good idea to keep your guest posts on very targeted sites if you can.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Steve Devonport on March 15, 2012

        Thanks for making that clear.

        Shame I won’t be asking for a guest posting spot.

        I’ll still keep reading though.

        Keep up the good work.


        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          Hope to see you around the comments again Steve.


  5. Susannah Wollman on March 15, 2012

    Louise, I recently touted your blog to my brother, who is trying to make a living blogging, and I knew your content is ALWAYS helpful and friendly. I hope you can find some peeps who can do the same. Congratulations on the new step. Now step out in faith!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012


      1. Sheila Edeliant on March 15, 2012

        Oops. 🙂

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          Ha ha.

  6. Shaun @ Money Cactus on March 15, 2012

    Love your approach mate. I’ve been a little disappointed by some of the content being featured on a few of the big name blogs lately, all those guest posts are drowning out the person you go there to hear from!

    If I come up with something that I feel is worthy I’ll let you know 😉

    1. liz@lifedreaming on March 15, 2012

      ooh another cool site. Good clean look about it.

      I’m an Aussie living in Ireland the last 20 years and am moving back to WA this year. Love seeing Aussie blogs.

      I totally agree about feeling disappointed by some of the BIG bloggers. One [no name mentioned] seems to have more guest bloggers than the person writing and I’ve stopped reading it.

      Totally agree with BT about building your own authority and following. I come to this blog to read BT and while I’ll enjoy guest posts I am most interested in his writing.

      1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

        I agree with both of you.

        Shaun’s blog does look great doesn’t it? Love the clean feel.

        Its a real shame about the big blogs feeling the need to pump out content. The dominate the SERPs for doing it but I think people get bored pretty quickly. Some of them, granted, are worse/better than others.

        That’s why I really wanted to go down the regular writer track – get people in who can write about topics related to online marketing that I’m not sure about.

        Oh, Liz, just got back from Perth on Sunday. Lovely place. Let’s have a visit next time I’m over.

        1. liz@lifedreaming on March 15, 2012

          Totally agree about the big bloggers. I think some of the ‘conventional wisdom’ about how to build blogs needs to be turned on it’s ear.

          Hmmm – interested to hear what you don’t know about online marketing and … why have you decided to come from behind the mask of BT?

          Yeh – Perth and Freo are great. Would love to catch up when I move back.


          1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

            My experiment with facelessness is coming to an end. Its time for me to build a personal relationship with my readers and a brand for the future. Plus Glen from ViperChill and Pat from Smart Passive Income think I should do it. HA.

        2. Shaun @ Money Cactus on March 16, 2012

          Thanks for the positive feedback guys, it means a lot. Looking forward to seeing some of these guest posts too, I’ve got high expectations.

    2. Okay I’m glad to hear I’m not the only noticing the filler content on the other big blogs. I thought maybe it was just me. I’ve been noticing promotions of items that are questionable by guestbloggers, but the editing has been terrible. I actually read a post that had the forth point as re-read your blog and make sure you edit, edit, edit. The third point was one big typo. I had to just laugh at the biggest error ever.

      1. the Blog Tyrant on March 16, 2012

        Yeah its a real shame. Maybe people feel more complacent when they feel like they’ve made it? Me, if I had 150,000 followers I’d be more paranoid about getting it right!

        1. exactly! I would feel like I’m letting them down by allowing drivel through. And they know it is happening because I’ve even gotten into a discussion with someone with a big name talking about how dissapointed I was in a post that was placed on their blog and the answer back was that their screener let it through. I will give it to them that they said go ahead and disagree in comments and they would make sure the comment got put through, which it did.

          Your a great example of why bloggers do become big you comment back and you care about your community. If you would like to “come out” in an interview I’ve been looking for a few good bloggers to interview. 😉

          1. the Blog Tyrant on March 16, 2012

            Hi Pepper.

            Yeah, a lot of those big blogs are million dollar companies with many staff. I guess we can’t expect them to do it all, right?

            In terms of my coming out, I really appreciate that offer but might have already lined up that process. Been planning it for a while.

            Thanks for your great feedback.

  7. Faceless…and you said something about some themes 10 times better than Thesis and Genesis put together…when do you envisage to release them?

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      I never said they were going to be better than Thesis or Genesis… that is just crazy.

      They are coming around the same time as a bunch of other things on this site! 😉

  8. Cassie | Womenswaytowealth on March 15, 2012

    That’s brilliant news! I would love to write a guest post for you and will email over some suggestions, although I agree with Louise that finding topics we know more about than you is a challenge. Your criteria are excellent and will keep the bar as high as you’ve already raised it, hope I make the cut!!LOL!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks Cassie. Looking forward to your ideas.

      1. Cassie | Womenswaytowealth on March 15, 2012

        Hi, have just tweeted you my idea. Writing for work at home mums is one area that I definitely have an edge (as I am one!).

        Happy to email over my bio if you want proof that I’m a good person trying to help others (wrote it this morning and have surprised myself with how candid it is).

        My mission is to help other mums realise they can create a full-time income from home while looking after their kids. I just need to get that message out and show people the basics to get them started and taking action.

        Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          Hi Cassie.

          Thanks for your interest and quick response.

          I like the idea but its a little hard to say yes or no without reading something first.

          Normally I send blog owners the article or a few paragraphs first.

          1. Cassie | Womenswaytowealth on March 15, 2012

            No probs, how do I get the outline, and/or first paras to you? Do you have email or shall I send publicly via comments or on FB? Thx

  9. BT, you know I’ve followed you from the start so it goes without saying that I’m excited to see your site grow and change.

    One worry I have is the kind of people who will agree to post for you if they don’t know who you are. This is not a criticism. I am just confused how people would be willing to write for somebody if they don’t know the blogger’s name and therefore the other sites or projects they maybe be associated with!

    Are you so popular and big that it doesn’t matter? Like a rock star? Maybe I’m just old fashioned and don’t understand you young punks!

    As somebody who cares about my own name and work out there, I’d just like to say that trusting relationships work two ways.

    That of course is written with the utmost love & respect for BT, whoever he may be!!
    Your fan in MN, tj

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Hey TJ.

      Great to see you again!

      Good points. Perhaps yet another reason why I need to add my name and photo. Its all happening soon.

      1. Dang did I write “maybe be?”

        I saw that you were hinting about coming out again…we’ll love you whoever you are. That’s going to be a fun post though. I’m looking forward to it!!

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          Don’t get your hopes up… not much to look at.

          1. liz@lifedreaming on March 16, 2012

            You know it’s not a beauty contest BT – it’s all about the brains mate!


  10. george verdolaga on March 15, 2012

    I think it’s a great idea. Your guidelines seem pretty fair. After all, you’ve been working hard to build your blog to get it to where it is so it makes sense to have high expectations from contributors. Good luck with it.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks a lot George. Appreciate the support.

  11. BT – hey the more I think about this however, I do commend the guidelines you’ve established for your plan.

    In the art world, we call this a selective process or juried process. At some point, most creative people want to be associated with the kind of events where experts or respected peers chose the participants instead of the shows and events where anybody who applies is let in.

    There is so much noise out there, I think it’s wise to separate the wheat from the chaff!
    Best, tj

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks TJ. I guess its a bit like a gallery owner deciding which art work fits his/her gallery space?

      1. Right on! I think the possibilities are endless. It’s a matter of figuring out where people or projects intersect and going from there.

        Choosing to work with top people just means you’ve got a standard you’d like to uphold and that you’re setting the bar high.

        Can I have an “amen” on that??

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          You can!

  12. TJ, I’d write for Tyrant even if he’s very ugly :)) because I think Blog Tyrant will become one of the most popular blogs out there and I’ll be honored when people will see my guest blog on BT. If he will allow me to write as a guest at least an article honestly I don’t mind how he looks.
    I’m also a fan of Blog Tyrant and I is one of the blogs I like to read not just for the content he writes but for the comments he attract on his blog.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks Zimbrul! Very kind words indeed.

    2. Great Zimbrul!

      I am simply saying that I would not be willing to do hours of quality writing or video work for an unnamed boss.

      I admire that you would do it, and wish I was less uneasy about the internet!

      Good for you.
      Best wishes from Minnesota, tj

      1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

        You know almost everyone I talk to via email knows my name. Guest posters definitely would.

        1. BT, I know – I wasn’t suggesting that YOU wouldn’t interact with people using good business ethics. I’m sorry if I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth here.

          My initial comment has to do with my overall unease with the internet. You know I trust you right? Sheesh, now I’m getting paranoid…

          1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

            Ha ha of course.

  13. I wish that most “popular”/authoritative blogs which have grown in readership would also your standards. There are some blog which I was enjoying reading. However, after the blog becomes successful, some of these bloggers “forget” their blog and open for guest writers and probably paid writers too. They hardly post on the blog after that.

    So I was really happy to see,
    “guest posts are not about filling out your blog with content, they are about featuring authors who can educate your readers in a way that you can’t.”

    Personally, I think opening up for guests posts is ok, provided there is some sense of your presence in the blog.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Yeah I agree with you Shamelle. Guest posts have been the end of some really good blogs.

      I will always be around on this blog. Like Pat Flynn, it will be mostly my stuff with the occasional awesome guest post.

    2. Sheila Edeliant on March 15, 2012

      Shamelle has said pretty much what I was going to say, so I’ll just chime in here and say, “I agree”. It sounds like you’ve got a great plan all worked out!

      1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

        Thanks Sheila.

  14. Ruan | EbooksTutorialsAndGuides on March 15, 2012

    Hi BT,

    This is officially my first comment on your blog although I have been a loyal subscriber and reader on your list for quite a while, so I glad to finally be here!

    As you can understand when setting up a new blog, you follow and learn from others doing really well and then go off and apply what you’ve learnt with your own bit of magic of course, which all takes time and a good amount of effort. This also makes it a little harder to keep up with your favorite “mentors” if you will and all of their contents. The human brain can only handle so much at a time 🙂

    Cutting things shorter (although I hate doing that as I absolutely love writing); I started my blog about 2.5 months ago and I am growing at a rate that I never expected. But as I am, patience is not my strongest point especially if I know there’s something more I can do to improve my success and results.

    So experience in blogging might lack but I have always been a firm believer that the best learning school is to be IN the school and doing what you’re trying to learn. Mistakes you will make but I hate that word to be honest as I see a “mistake” as a “how to do it right” chapter in anything.

    I like to learn from the best and more importantly apply what I’ve learnt as growth is what it’s all about for me.

    I am busy writing my third eBook on Traffic Generation which I know is a widely-used and over-crowded topic some may claim and to an extent I agree as it’s on EVERYONE’s mind out there. This one is a little different though as it’s a tribute to 10 top bloggers whom have taught me and millions of others all about their specific traffic generation strategies which of course are backed up by the physical proof of their success.

    (I wanted this to be way shorter…but I always get lost in what I love…)

    What I’m saying is that writing and learning is pretty much what my life is about at this stage and surely an income needs to be generated somehow. I chose writing and blogging (which I’m still learning to turn into an income generator) and would therefor be honored to be taken under your wing and be taught as much as you know about blogging (we might even learn together).

    I have gone full-time with a web hosting, web- and graphic design business in the background which keeps the food on the table. This all of course against all traditional beliefs in the family and amongst most friends all going [crazy! One doesn’t leave your “safe and secure job” just like that] (I used to be an IT Systems Admin for a small company until last year September)

    Writing is what I love doing and I feel my purpose is helping others through writing and if you have any restrictions on post lengths then now would be a good time to tell me… 🙂

    Please let me know what you think and how I can get started should you be interested.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Wow what a comment. It’s 1am here so I’m going to bed but will write back properly in the morning.

      Thanks bro.

      1. Ruan | EbooksTutorialsAndGuides on March 15, 2012

        Oops…hope I didn’t wake you LOL! :)(what are the chances)

        Cool, no worries!

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

          Hey Ruan.

          Web hosting is something that I’m really interested in and don’t know huge amounts about. If you could find something that could help my readers in that regard it might work?

          1. Hey BT,

            I have to admit that at first I didn’t really know what to think of that idea as I have never blogged about hosting before. I have written an eBook as well as an article or two about the subject but never done a post on it…yet

            After giving it some thought I think it’s a brilliant idea BT and I’d like to explain to you via email exactly why and also give you what I have in mind.

            Think I saw you giving your email addy out to a reader in the comments so I guess I have go through them all (again haha!) and see if I can pick it up.

            Thanks for the great idea and you will certainly hear from me soon then!

            Thanks for what you do and keep on doing it; it means a lot to masses out there 🙂

  15. GirlWithTheCane on March 15, 2012

    Very fair guidelines. My subject area isn’t in your field, or I’d apply…but I’m sure you’ll have people beating down your door! All the best.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Ha ha. Hope not literally.

  16. Jamie Swanson on March 15, 2012

    I think it will be a good change as long as it is still relevant to the community at whole. It might help, for example, to have an idea of areas like affiliate marketing where you’d love to have people step in and write. Any other areas you’d be looking for specifically?

    I’ve learned a lot from this site, and it’s one of the few that I comment on regularly, and it’s helped me to see that writing my own crazy-long informative posts is not going to kill my blog and can in fact help to grow it. I absolutely love the community, and I love that you are genuinely helpful in your posts.

    I’d love to know more about how to apply to be considered as a guest poster. I’m honestly not certain I will – I need to figure out if I really have enough things I could contribute to make it worthwhile (I can think of a few posts off the top of my head, but if it is to be ongoing, I’d like to know what you mean by that and how often you’d expect it). I’m currently building a blog and a wedding photography business at the same time, with the hopes of becoming more depending on the blog in the future, so I also need to think about the time commitment involved. If you could speak to that as well, it’d be appreciated.

    Thanks much, BT. Looking forward to where you take this. 🙂

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Hey Jamie.

      I’m not going to make people bust their guts to write for me regularly. I just was hoping to have a smaller number of regular contributors who know about a specific thing than flooding a lot of individual posts. I thought that would help people more – both readers and authors.

      You can email me at tyrant [at] blogtyrant [dot] com if you ever have any ideas.

      1. Jamie Swanson on March 16, 2012

        Sounds good, thank you. I’ll think about it and let you know. “Regular contributors” means different things on different sites, so it’s helpful to hear you elaborate on it a bit. 🙂

  17. I love the content and advice of this site. It is honest. I like that you have standards for the guest writers too. I follow you because you KNOW your stuff and I like that I can trust you to weed out the people who don’t. About your identity…the mystery is intriguing. Why would you share who you are? Anyway, keep up the great work!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks Shea.

      In regards to the identity I am just feeling a few limitations with the mysterious angle at the moment. I feel like a face and a name is the next step.

  18. I’m down as long as you stick to #1. Guest posters can be a value-add… Since you seem to know your blogging shiznit, I imagine you’ll be taking more research-driven posts–?

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Hi Katie.

      Yes, and no. I guess I just want people who really know whatever they write about. If they have done something in blogging that I have never done then I’d love to hear from them.

      1. liz@lifedreaming on March 16, 2012

        As a reader I agree with you BT.

        Me and a lot of your readers [from their comments] seem to have been reading different online marketing and business development blogs for a few years.

        I don’t need another post on writing a headline or general blah blah about answering comments and building a relationship with my readers.

        I want some clear and practical tools to help me build the best [and value driven] business I can on and offline. I want it to be driven by integrity with some real world insights.

        I don’t know about any of your other readers but I’m a 2 person show [me and my brother] and I don’t have a huge financial budget to build a presence online. Everything I’ve done so far has been at nearly zero cost in terms of money.

        I’m a time billionaire [the recession here in Ireland has killed a lot of good businesses] and that’s what I’ve been spending over the last 4 or 5 years online … my time and energy has been my wealth.

        I’ve been reading and researching all sorts of things and working out how it applies practically in building Life Dreaming.

        I stay with you BT because I get real value in terms of practical suggestions that I use in my business.

        That’s what I’d want from any guest blogger … to see how they’re applying their information and knowledge in their business.

        I’m happy also to hear about what hasn’t worked for people and how they turned it around or the ways they created solutions.

        And finally, I’d like guest bloggers who also take the kind of time you do to respond to your community of commenters.

        Have a great weekend

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 17, 2012

          Thanks Liz.

  19. Guest post coming up… Why every small business needs a blog 🙂

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Ah Rachelle… always with the funny faces.

  20. Abiola, Your Lifestyle Expert on March 15, 2012

    I’m excited about the possibilities, Blog Tyrant. I’ve been a lurker here for a long time and it would be exciting to participate in a different way. 🙂

    Now where are those photos of you that you promised!?

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      They are coming. Actually, having them taken on Monday!

  21. Chadwin @ Digital Marketing on March 15, 2012

    Hey BT i’m glad to see the change, change is Good who knows i might pitch a few posts to you in the future.

    I believe your approach to guest blogging is how it should be done to maintain quality and promote the BT brand.

    However on one of my tech blogs years ago i had some bloggers contributing to my blog on a regular basis, which took the load of me while maintaining quality, but then suddenly in one week two of them dropped out and decided to go back and focus on their own blogs.

    Since we had no formal agreement as too how long they were going to write for me, we parted ways as good friends.

    This however left me with loads more extra work and space to fill.

    So although allowing a few skilled bloggers to write for BlogTyrant is better than flooding your blog with mediocre content maybe there’s a middle ground that might be better than both.

    Perhaps having a set few experts writing on a regular basis combined with a few one time features might be the way to go.

    When i say one time i mean guys/gals you allow to write once every second month or what ever time frame suits you.

    That way if any of your bloggers cannot write for you blog for whatever reason you’ll always have someone standing by.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks for the tip. That sounds really good. I don’t want guest posters to feel like they absolutely have to write regularly – its just how I see it working best.

  22. Mike Reeves-McMillan on March 15, 2012

    Respect, BT. I’m glad to see someone else standing firm on publishing only top-quality guest posts. I’ve had a few approaches, and accepted only one so far, which in retrospect was because I liked and trusted the person rather than because the post was particularly great.

    I have very, very strict guest post standards (which I’m going to revise now with inspiration from yours), because I’ve seen too many blogs fill up with mediocre guest posts.

    I’m not in your niche and probably don’t know more than you about anything, so I won’t be applying, but I’m glad you’re doing this.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks for the support Mike.

  23. Dorothy Ray on March 15, 2012

    Hi Ty,
    A good way to lose readers, even if you have an excellent reputation, is to let guest posters dilute your brand. Congratulations on taking the stance you have described in this post.

    When I subscribe to a blog, it’s because the writer has something to say to me, something I consider important, something that rings true for me. Not that they missed me, but I unsubscribed to several of name brand blogs because I didn’t want to hear what the guest of the day had to say, or the way he/she said it.

    I just have to say, if you hadn’t shared the fact that you’re relatively young, I’d have assumed a man of great age, one who had had lots of time to gain wisdom about who he was and what exactly he wanted for himself,had written about how you plan to open your blog to guest posters. You done good, BT, or should I say, Benevolent Tyrant?

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      Thanks Dorothy. Its really great to see you around here again. I hope for a long time too.

  24. Planning to contribute towards e-Marketing for Niche specific blogs, Who do us say BT?

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 15, 2012

      I’m not sure I understand Ali.

      1. Sorry for messed up message. Plan to write guest post on e-Marketing….

        1. the Blog Tyrant on March 16, 2012

          Hi Ali.

          Thanks for your interest. That seems like a pretty broad topic to me. Perhaps when you have some specific article ideas you could email me a paragraph or two.


  25. Whoooaaaa!

    The addy was just in the comment below mine, so one scroll of the mouse and I got it!

    Awesome! Speak soon!

  26. Steve Devonport on March 16, 2012

    Well I’ve learnt another useful piece of advice just from these comments…

    Don’t just let anyone guest post on my blog (when it’s up and running), because if I do I just might drive away some of my loyal readers.

    Thanks all,


    P.S. I’ve just re-read the original post and I’m going to take inspiration from it and create my own guest posting guidelines from the start.

    1. I agree Steve; that is definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

    2. Chadwin @ Digital Marketing on March 16, 2012

      Steve you’ve read my mind, i’m to inspired to write a guest posting guide for webmasters.

  27. BT,

    I hope you are up for some reading…the email done and shared a thing or 20 on my mind with you 🙂

    Take your time my friend 🙂

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 17, 2012

      Dude I am very very impressed with that email. Will write back on Monday. Great work.

  28. I would love a chance to participate in this. This sounds both a exciting and a great chance for anyone is willing to push pass their limits. New experiences are waiting for who ever is chosen. Good luck to you all!

    I wish I was ready for this. I wish I could finish articles on a timely schedule. Article ideas aren’t my problem it just finishing an article to own satisfaction that holding me up. Not back, up!

    I don’t know what else to say except I would like to at least contribute one article. This would be dam cool!

    Don’t look at my blog. It’s a mess. But maybe if you are interested in a sample article.

    Anyway, who ever is chosen the best of luck to you.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 17, 2012

      Thanks for the comment Craig. Why is your blog a mess? What’s wrong?

      1. Cause I crashed it a few times and probably the biggest reason is I haven’t pinned down a target audience yet so I am not quite sure where to aim.

        I have to admit thought, you have inspired me to work on my blog a little bit tonight. I redid the categories to target stronger keywords.

        Now I have to move around all the posts. Next find more products.

        Any suggestions?

  29. Scott Kindred | SafeHouse Web on March 17, 2012

    BT, with not only your content, but also your meaningful & productive use of imagery, you’ve set quite the standard. The measuring stick. The yard arm. The criterion. The limbo stick…

    Whomever is up to the task of writing quality content here is also going to have to be the same whomever that has some big photodropper shoes to fill!

    I’m still intrigued by this post’s parrots. Do they represent a bunch of bloggers standing around and all repeating [a.k.a. parroting] the same thing? Or are they each waiting for their turn on the pirate’s shoulder?? I’m also fancying the idea that the 6th bird from the left might be representative of you – red [power color], set apart, not showing his face and true identity… yet. 😉

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 17, 2012

      Scott, you continue to make searching for the right photos for hours worthwhile!


      1. Scott Kindred | SafeHouse Web on March 17, 2012

        And you, sir, started the whole thing off by making your blog a worthwhile place to come to. Thank you!

  30. You’ve just articulated values that I have been keeping in my for guest posts on my own site (as well as what I consider when I reach out to guest-post elsewhere). If you don’t mind, I may “steal” this list for use in my own guest posting policy.

    I’m not a fan of one-off guest posts, because the guest doesn’t have much at stake. I’d prefer a guest writer to come in and do a series on a topic, building value over 3 or 4 posts.

    My newest blog, Jump!, in the lifestyle design niche, is just about to launch, but I’ll be in touch in the future. I’m sure there’s some good synergy between our messages.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on March 17, 2012

      Of course Ben, steal away.

  31. For great guest posts, I’d nominate Gregory Ciotti from Sparring Mind. His articles are terrific and insightful.

    One thing I’d be interested in in reading about applying online marketing outside of the “make money online” niche. From some of the previous comments, you’ve already got some good prospects. The example I always like to give is Marcus Sheridan (a.k.a. The Sales Lion) and how he used inbound marketing to boost River Pools and Spas.

    Accepting guest posts might inspire some healthy competition. Hopefully, they’ll raise the bar, forcing you to up your own game. Copyblogger has some awesome guest bloggers, my favorite being Jon Morrow.

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