Get More Comments: Can Blogs Still Attract Huge Comment Counts?


I heard some people at the water cooler say that the days of huge comment counts are over.

It’s rumored that sites like Google+ and Tumblr and Pinterest have made it too hard to build an active, on-site community.

While I do agree with some of that theory I also think it’s only part of the story.

Many of us do still get a lot of comments. It’s something I am extremely grateful for.

Because I often get asked about my own bulging comment counts I decided to make a little video talking about what I do to encourage regular ranting (you know who you are!).

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How to Hide Pages from Your WordPress Navigation Menu (Video)


A lot of people have been asking me how I hide or exclude pages from my WordPress navigation menu so that they don’t show up when people visit the site.

Its pretty easy so I thought I would make a quick tutorial video to show you how.

Why would you want to do this?
The main reason for doing this is because you might have your free eBook giveaway located on a WordPress page. Obviously you don’t want that to be in your menu otherwise no one would subscribe because they can just get it from there!

Another reason might be because you have a landing page or squeeze page set up that you only want visible when people arrive through the correct channels. For example, if you have an advertisement placed on another site somewhere directing people back to your product, you might want them to go to a custom made page as opposed to just a homepage.

This is a really cool little feature to know if you want to publish content but not have it seen by everyone right away.

Any requests?
I know I know… its been a while since I’ve done a video. If you have any requests for tutorials just drop me a comment and I’ll try to make it happen.

Blog Critique #3 – Ciao Florentina and Her Favorite Things


This Blog Critique has a major focus on how to make more money by recommending things to your readers. Its non-invasive, helpful and almost completely passive.

Ciao Florentina was the winner of the third Blog Tyrant Blog Critique – the random number generator choosing her Tweet out of about 200 entries. As always, please watch the video, visit her site and get stuck in to her in the comments section. The more feedback and discussion that happens the more often I will do these things. Like I’ve said a hundred times, I only want to do them if they are useful to you.

What’s in the video?

I kept the video short, sharp and extremely shiny. Youtube kept rejecting my videos for being too long so I decided to focus in on a few key areas as opposed to picking through everything. Some of the things that get mentioned include:

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Blog Tyrant Blog Critique #2 – Landlord Rescue


I emailed Rachelle from Landlord Rescue and told her that she’d won the contest for the second Blog Critique and that if she wanted me to do the video she had to let me as brutally honest as possible. She wrote back saying, “You can’t save your face and your ass at the same time“. Challenge accepted.

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Get involved guys

Rachelle is one of a small group of commentators here on Blog Tyrant that has made this whole thing worthwhile. Without those ongoing comments, feedback and community vibe I would have stopped writing before all the success happened. I hope in some way this video serves as a mini “thank you” for all the comments and help you have given me and other readers here on my site.

Please watch the video and give as much feedback on Rachelle’s blog as possible by leaving a comment on this post. I’m not the only “expert” here and I really hope that these critiques become a bit of a jam session for everyone to get stuck in to the poor soul who put their blog up for examination. As mentioned, I’ll only keep doing them if they get enough good feedback and help enough people.

Some of the things I discuss in this video are:

  • The importance of wording in your About page
  • Why the color blue and purple are important in photos
  • Why Feedburner email forms need to be edited or replaced with Aweber
  • Why Pamela Anderson’s breasts shouldn’t be on Rachelle’s site
  • How to use emotion to get more subscribers
  • Much more

I’d really love to hear if you guys have any more suggestions or disagree with anything I have said. The community here at Blog Tyrant has a habit of bringing out some real gems in the comments section when a debate or discussion gets going.

How to Automatically Send an eBook to Your Email Subscribers


Last Update July 6th, 2016

As you might have noticed by now, one of the absolute best ways to get email subscribers is to give them a free eBook in exchange for their email address.

I do it here on Blog Tyrant and it is done by almost all of the big name bloggers and internet marketers.

But not everyone knows how to set it up so that the eBook gets sent to new subscribers automatically. In fact, I get an email asking how to do it at least four or five times a week and so I decided to do a short video to show you how its done.

NOTE: This post contains and affiliate link to AWeber. If you sign up through my link I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

What’s in this video?

Its so important to have the process set up so that everything runs smoothly and cleanly. Someone puts their email address in your web form and expects to be sent the eBook straight away. In this video I go through:

  • Signing up to Aweber
    My favorite way to do this and the way used by names like John Chow and Darren Rowse is to use an Aweber automatic Follow Up message to send out the eBook. You can see more about why I use Aweber here.
  • Creating a web form
    The first step is to create a web form so that people can enter their name and email address.
  • Adding it to your blog
    I very quickly go through how to add it to your blog’s code.
  • Uploading the eBook to a download page
    I then talk about how and, more importantly, why you should create a download page on your blog to deliver your eBook automatically. I also show you a very useful way to keep selected WordPress Pages hidden from the Pages menu.
  • Creating the automatic Follow Up email
    The final step is to create an automatic Follow Up email that gets sent as soon as someone subscribes to your blog.

The internet is an extremely impulsive place and as such it is vital that you be able to deliver your free eBook instantly. If people have to wait you will find that you have a lot lower conversion rates. If anyone has any questions about the process or ideas to improve on it I would love to hear your comments.

How to Make a Problogger Style Facebook Landing Page Using FBML [Video]


NOTE: This technology is now out of date so the video has been removed.

Well, you asked for it! Here is the first ever Blog Tyrant video tutorial!

Please head on over to my Youtube Channel and subscribe for all my updates. If you can’t watch the video I have written out the steps for you below.

Today I want to show you how you can very simply create a Facebook landing page for your Fan Page using FBML, just like Darren Rowse the Problogger has done. This is a fantastic way to make your page look less like Facebook’s brand and more like your own. Quite a few of the lovely Blog Tyrant readers have asked me how to do this so I thought I’d try it as the premier video.

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