How to Grow Your Business Like One of Australia’s Best Wedding Photographers


wedding photography

James Field is one of the best wedding photographers in Australia as well as being brilliant at the “business” of photography (although he’d never admit it).

He’s also my really good friend.

I asked him to be our second Tyrades participant – where I interview successful people who are NOT in the blogging or online marketing space – and he kindly agreed.

This interview is packed full of practical and hard-earned information that applies to any business. I was absolutely blown away by some of the marketing insights that came out of this one. You’ll see:

  • How he went from part time photographer to full-time business owner with staff and entrepreneurial endeavours on the side.
  • How he “sells” his wedding photography packages and stays booked almost every weekend of the year, months in advance.
  • What traits, tips and methods make him so successful growing a client base and attracting new business.

Come check it out. I know you’re going to find some gems.

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How a 23-Year-Old Quit His Job to Build a $6m Online Travel Agency


Mark Trim

Time for something new here at Blog Tyrant.

Hey! I heard that collective sigh of relief!

Anyway, for some reason I seem to be surrounded by people who are fantastically successful at what they do. I always seem to be picking their brains or soaking in their borderline-annoying brilliance. And it occurred to me that maybe you guys would like to hear from them as well.

So I’d like to announce a new section here on Blog Tyrant called Tyrades (sort of like a tirade!) where I interview people who are doing extremely well for themselves in the hope that we can learn a thing or two.

The big twist is that I’m not going to interview other bloggers. I want to look at what people in different niches/industries (but still with an online element) are doing so we can get out of our shells and apply tactics that we have long forgotten or perhaps never heard about. It’s also about staying inspired.

Let’s get started!

A chat with Mark Trim – founder of

The first interview in this series is with a guy I’ve known for five years. In that small amount of time he’s gone from a top seller at Flight Centre to starting his own online travel agency called RoundAbout Travel that turns over $6 million a year, even in the GFC climate. Not an easy feat.

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