What is the Best Time to Publish Blog Posts?


best time to publish blog posts

Last Update March 21st, 2017

Did you know that that time of day that you publish your blog post articles has a big impact on how well they do on social media, how many comments they get and how many people actually read it?

Yep, the time of day and the day of the week are important parts of your blog posting strategy.

In this post I am going to you when you should post for maximum benefit.

It is actually much more important than you might think.

A stupid experiment

I am doing this because I love you.

Normally I wouldn’t publish a post on a Thursday night New York time because it is one of the worst times of the week.

But by doing so I will be able to show you some of the data that I will have in a few days time – feedburner reach, traffic levels and probably even a smaller amount of comments.

Note that every article I write gets at least 50 comments or so. I am betting that this post will get significantly less than the others.

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Does Your Blog Pass the Google Test?


Google. One of the greatest inventions of all time.

The search engine that changed the way we look for information, advertise and communicate with each other. And for the most part Google is a blogger’s best friend, capable of sending tens of thousands of targeted visitors to your website every day.

But there is a dark side. A dark side you might not have thought of and one that may have a dramatic effect on your online success and financial safety.

In this post I am going to talk about what I am calling the Google test. Read it and find out whether your blog passes.

My first blog: loved and hated by Google

I need to start this post with a little bit of a background story – a story about how Google both loved and then hated my first blog. Fresh out of high school and obsessed with fitness, martial arts and lifting weights, I started a blog about my training ideas and within a very short time gained a huge amount of traffic from Google thanks to some excellent rankings from some very popular keywords.

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The 3 Hottest Areas on Your Blog and How to Use Them Best


Place de la République Lyon
Creative Commons License photo credit: FaceMePLS

Did you know that your blog has certain hot areas that get more attention than other places on your blog? Did you know that the way you use these hot areas can actually have a significant impact on how successful your blog and its content will be over time? Well now you do. In this article I am going to show you where these hot spots are and, more importantly, how to use them to your advantage.

What exactly is a hot area?

Before we jump into the potatoes of the post I want to talk a little bit about what exactly these hot areas or hot spots are. Basically we can say that they fall in to two categories or types:

  • The eye catching areas
    These are the parts of your blog or website that the eye naturally gravitates to. Web designers will tell you that you can manipulate where the eye goes using clever design and I agree. But that being said, there are several areas on a blog that people’s eyes are used to landing. These areas are important.
  • The high clicking areas
    After the eye catching areas you have the high clicking areas. These are the parts of the blog or website that are more likely to get clicks by your users. Yep, you heard right. Not all parts of a website are equal when it comes to clicks.

If you can tap in to these hot spots and hot areas you will be surprised at how much more success you have with things like generating revenue, subscribers, interactions and so on.

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Why Your Blogging is Damaging Your Health Beyond Repair


Sad Clown
Creative Commons License photo credit: shawncampbell

Normally I write about how to dominate your blog’s niche and work from home but today we need to talk about something even more important. Your health. Earlier this year I had a bit of a health scare and, as it turned out, the problem was largely related to the amount of time I spent on the computer. I always knew that computing could cause some health issues but what I never imagined was how potentially serious they could be.

In this article I am going to talk about a few ways that your blog is damaging your health beyond repair. Please note that the title is not intended to be (entirely) sensational; many of these problems are difficult to reverse unless you catch them really early.

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How to Write Successful Emails



Last Update December 5th, 2014.

Its not what you know, its who you know.

That’s what my father would always tell me. He was right. A lot of your blogging and online marketing success will depend on not the skills and talent that you have, but the people who promote you, partner with you and so on.

And 90% of the time the way you make those contacts is by email.

In this article I am going to show you some tips I have learned on how to write successful emails to A-List bloggers or anyone in your industry that you want to get in contact with and be noticed by.

What not to do

I thought a good place to start this article would be by telling you what not to do. These are the cardinal sins of writing emails to celebrities and industry leaders, make sure you don’t do them.

  • Don’t use the CC function to email a bunch of people
    I remember getting an email a few years ago from a guy who was trying to pitch a new website idea. The problem was that he sent out an identical email to about 50 bloggers and web entrepreneurs and put all the emails in the CC line for everyone to see. The result was pretty ugly. Don’t share people’s email addresses unless they have said you can do so. And don’t write bulk emails to people you really need the attention of.
  • Don’t talk about yourself
    One of the classic sayings in the best selling book How to Win Friends and Influence People is that people only find you interesting if you talk about them, not yourself. Unfortunately, most people do the opposite in emails. I get lots of emails from people who spend two or three paragraphs talking about who they are. And as much as I love hearing from my readers (I really do) I don’t have a lot of time so I pay more attention to the ones that are short and focused on the idea, proposition or (as selfish as it sounds) the way the email will benefit me.
  • Don’t use a free email address (if you can help it)
    If you are trying to promote yourself or your brand to someone you want to show them you are serious. One sure fire way NOT to do that is to use a Hotmail or a Gmail account. Send emails from your domain name so they immediately know where you are from and that you take yourself seriously enough to have a website.

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How to Blog Part 2: The 7,809 Word Series You’ll Need to Bookmark (Twice)


Here we go again.

The 7,809 word series on how to blog and do it well.

Remember, this is part two in the series. You can find the first part in which we covered content that sells and setting up your blog for success right here.

In this post I am going to cover a lot of areas so make sure you bookmark it for future reference.

If you read the whole thing in one go you might need to get some sunshine.

NOTE: This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of these links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Breaking it down part two

In this post we are going to be covering a lot of ground. Like last time, I want to give you a sort of contents here at the start so you can move around the post to areas you are interested in. They are:

  • Using social media
    (Facebook, Twitter and all the reasons you need them, etc.)
  • Growing your blog’s traffic
    (SEO, keywords, going viral, analytics etc.)
  • Making money from your blog
    (Adsense, Ebay, affiliates and how to make good money from home)

As I am writing this post mostly in the evenings there is a good chance I am going to miss some important points. Feel free to drop a comment and point out my ineptness or make some suggestions that you think might help some other bloggers. I always love hearing what you guys have to say.

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How to Blog: A Guide on How to Quickly Start Blogging


So you want to know how to blog?

You want someone to run you through all the steps necessary to quickly start blogging and then grow it to become something successful and profitable?

Well you’re in the right place!

I’ve written nearly 8,000 words for you on how to blog including getting a domain name, finding a blogging host, choosing a template, installing WordPress on your server and much much more.

May I suggest bookmarking this post now?

Hopefully you will want to refer back to this one and PART TWO in the future.

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of these links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Breaking it down

This is a pretty massive undertaking so I want to break it down in to some clear sections which allow you to skip through and read areas that you are interested in. Of course, I encourage you to read the whole lot as you might learn about something you have thus far overlooked. The sections are:

  • Starting a blog
    (hosting, platforms, themes, plugins, etc.)
  • Creating content that sells
    (sexy titles, blog posts that people actually read, guest posting etc.)
  • Using social media
    (Facebook, Twitter and all the reasons you need them, etc.)
  • Growing your blog’s traffic
    (SEO, keywords, going viral, analytics etc.)
  • Making money from your blog
    (Adsense, Ebay, affiliates and how to make good money from home)

As always I want to see lots of comments with things I’ve missed. I will always answer your questions and angry criticisms as best as I can and I love seeing what other bloggers have to offer.

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Killer Comments: How to Grow Your Traffic, RSS & Google Rankings with Comments


This post is simply about developing a comment strategy that will grow your traffic, boost your number of subscribers and also get you better rankings on Google. Yep, that’s right. All of that can be done by leaving some cleverly crafted comments. Here is how to do it.

NOTE – This post is entirely white hat and Google friendly. I never buy backlinks or use paid comment services and don’t encourage my readers to do it either. Relevant and useful comments that add value are the only thing I will advocate.

Some advice about sexy comments

Before I get into the actual strategy elements of this post I want to talk about the comments that you leave on people’s blogs and websites. They need to be sexy. And I do not mean sexy like dance around a pole or wear some nice lingerie sexy, I mean they need to be interesting, involved and personal. Please do not waste time leaving comments on people’s blogs saying things like “hey, nice post” or “this is a really good article”. Read the article (or a part of it) and leave a comment that is either adding something to the discussion, criticizing (nicely) the ideas of the post or saying something else that someone will find useful.

Why do all this? Here’s why:

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Why Blogging is a Waste of Your Time


blogging is a waste of time

That’s right. Blogging is a waste of your time.

The title is not designed to mislead you.

Sure, it is designed to be a little bit enticing but not at all misleading.

In this post I am going to talk about why blogging is actually not all its made out to be and why it could be a massive waste of the precious little time that you have. But don’t worry, its not all doom and gloom.

There will be a light at the end of the tunnel (post).

Your goal: making money online

For the purposes of this post I am going to assume that your goal is to make money online.

This might be so you can quit your day job or so you can work from home. Or, perhaps you just want a little extra cash to save up for a new car or something. If you are blogging to make money online then you could be wasting your time.

If, however, you are blogging because you want to help people or because it is a creative outlet for you then it is an entirely different story. The results of this type of blogging cannot be measures by dollars and cents.

Why blogging is a waste of your time

So why is blogging a waste of your time? What am I talking about? Well it is pretty simple. Blogging can be a distraction from your main goal. In fact, you can spend so much time focusing on blogging that you forget to actually make any money.

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Blog Vitals: The 5 Most Important Blogging Statistics You Must Know


If you are serious about blogging you are probably also pretty serious about statistics. In fact, there are a lot of bloggers out there who spend more time looking at their stats than they do working on their blog.

In this post I am going to talk about the five most important blogging statistics that you must know. Knowing (and understanding) these big five will help you in some significant ways.

Why do I need to know these? Can’t I just blog?

Well, yes, you can just blog and ignore the stats. In the same way as you can just drive a car and not know where you are going. You’d better be pretty sure that you love driving though because you might not ever end up anywhere good. Statistics are important for a couple of reasons:

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