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Last week I tried something a bit new. And it worked. In just a few hours I got over 170 retweets, a mention on Copyblogger’s Weekly Wrap and around 2,000 visitors. The strategy I used is new to me, I dreamed it up when I was on my way to a movie. It seemed to have very positive outcomes.

In this post I am going to show you what I did and why I think it was so successful. I hope it gives you some ideas for your own social media marketing strategies.

The results from the madness

I suppose I should start this article by talking about some of the results from this little exercise. Let’s take a look at what happened in less than a 24 hour period.


Darren Rowse, Jeremy Shoemaker, Brian Clark

In the blogging world there are three names that everyone knows. Darren Rowse the Problogger, Jeremy Schoemaker from Shoemoney and Brian Clark the Copyblogger. These names are synonymous with blogging success, influence and, yes, making good money.

In this post I want to show you the three reasons why these guys are rich. Hopefully we can learn something from their example.