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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Design


blog design

Design often gets overlooked by bloggers.

Sometimes it’s tempting to think that we just need to focus on good content and the rest will take care of itself.

Well, that’s not really true.

In fact, your blog’s design, look and feel play a huge role in how people interact with your written stuff. If your blog is ugly or out of date you might find that people don’t actually read what you’ve written, no matter how amazing it is.

Here are a few quick ways you can improve the look of your blog today.

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Thank You. Seriously.



This month Blog Tyrant celebrated its fifth birthday and all I really want to do is say thanks.

I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!

It’s been such a crazy and happy adventure – making the decision to focus on one brand that I really love – and trying my best to produce content that is (even in a very small way) useful to people. It’s forced me to keep experimenting and learning about everything that goes along with blogging.

But more than anything I’ve loved the friendships and connections built as a result of this little blog.

It’s time for some shout outs.

*queue the Academy Awards long-speech music*

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What is Your Biggest Blogging Battle?


blogging struggles

What are you really battling with when it comes to blogging?

Every now and then I like to take a break from the regular blog posts and have a discussion with you guys to see what you’re working on.

This is quite useful for me because it gives lots of insights into what stage everyone is up to, which really helps for future content ideas.

But it’s also really nice to start a discussion and help each other on the spot.

So let’s get some comments happening!

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One Multi-Topic Blog vs Multiple Blogs with a Single Topic


email question

Should I start a blog that addresses multiple topics or have a different blog for each topic?

This is a question I get emailed about all the time and as such I thought it would be a good way to kick off a new segment here on Blog Tyrant where I publicly answer your blogging and online marketing emails (with permission!) so that everyone can read them.

If you’d like to ask me a question just send me an email or leave a comment on this post.

So let’s dive into this first one.

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5 Realistic Benchmarks for Your First Year of Blogging


first year of blogging

Every now and then I get an email from a blogger that goes something like this…

“Hey Ramsay. Been following your stuff for a while but after a year of blogging I’m still not achieving [insert expectation] and think I’m going to throw in the towel. What do you think?”

It’s a problem that many of us experience from time to time.

So, how long should you wait and what can you realistically expect to achieve in your first year of blogging?

Let’s talk about it.

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15 (Very) FAQs on Starting a Self-Hosted Blog


self hosted blog

I always recommend starting a blog on a self-hosted setup.

The reason is pretty simple – if you want to build a blog that is taken seriously by search engines and readers alike you’ll want to avoid free hosts.

They just aren’t robust enough once you get beyond a certain point.

I’ve really wanted to write this post for a while now because I get a lot of emails from new bloggers who are nervous about taking the leap to self-hosting.

I remember how scary it was.

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions and some solutions to those concerns. These are all actual questions that I get via email or blog comments.

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6 Decisions That Changed My Blogging Career. One Still Scares Me.


blogging decisions

A career in blogging. What a weird thing.

It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where my blogging-based online business is solid enough to justify some of my “interesting” earlier life decisions.

I really love sharing experiences and strategies in the hope that it will help other people out there who are looking to grow their own blog, or just pursue something that they think will make them happier.

In this post I want to show you six decisions that changed my blogging career in a big way. I hope that if any of you are going through something similar it will show you that you’re not alone.


NOTE: This post contains an affiliate link. If you purchase a hosting package through my link I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you (in fact it will save you money!). Thank you for your support.

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Don’t Build a Blog


dont build a blog

This post is all about why you shouldn’t build a blog.

Seems a little bit odd coming from a guy who makes a full time living building blogs, right?

Well, as you might have guessed there is a little bit more to it.

If you have a blog or are thinking about starting a new one soon then this post might give you a new context to the whole concept of blogging.

Let’s have a chat.

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8 Blogging Mistakes That Cost Me. How Many Are You Making?


blogging mistakes

I’ve been blogging (often badly!) for around a decade. In that time I’ve failed at a lot of things. Today I want to share some stories in the hope that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

When you learn a new skill, whatever it might be, you always go on a steep learning curve.

And the thing about blogging and online business is that the learning curve can be especially steep because the technology is always changing. (That’s why I do these yearly predictions).

When you have changing technologies you also get a lot of commentators saying different things and giving different bits of advice.

And that can lead to confusion and mistakes.

Here are some blogging mistakes that I’ve made over the years. I’m really interested to know how you all feel about these ones.


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