How to Resize Images and Photos and Upload Them to WordPress

A basic tutorial on how to resize images and photos on your computer and then upload them to WordPress so that they are available online for sharing, posts, etc.



An introduction to images and WordPress

The use of images is actually a really big topic that could be the topic of entire blogs. For example, bloggers need to know how to find images, how to edit them upload, tag, share, compress, etc. and all of that can take a long time to understand. The main points, however, are that you should always have permission to use the image, always upload it at the correct dimensions, and always aim to have it load as fast as possible.

How to resize images

When resizing images there are several options available. For example, you can edit the image offline in a program like Photoshop, edit the image from within WordPress itself, or edit the image using code that changes the size and dimensions. I recommend doing everything offline first and then uploading final file.

When resizing images it’s important to remember:

  • Permissions
    Do you have permission to use the image and, if so, are you allowed to change the size and shape?
  • Quality vs. file size
    You want the image to be as high res as possible but you also need to make sure your blog loads as fast as possible and as such there is a trade off.
  • Dimensions and sizing
    Do you know what the best dimensions are and have you been keeping these consistent across all aspects of your blog?
  • Retina display
    Are you images, logos, etc. all going to look crisp on retina screens which essentially show double the pixels?

Due to the large number of options and needs when it comes to resizing images and using them online I have tried to collect a wide variety of tools, resources and tutorials to help you out below:

Retina 2x WordPress plugin // How to Find Images for Your Blog // Smush Image Compression // Cropping and Resizing in Photoshop // Pixelmator // Photoshop // Copyright and Fair Use // Pixabay // Dreamstime // Gratisography // Unsplash // Digital Photography School // iPhone Photography Tips // Watermark // Using Images on WordPress // Instagram for Bloggers


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