NOTE: This technology is now out of date so the video has been removed.

Well, you asked for it! Here is the first ever Blog Tyrant video tutorial!

Please head on over to my Youtube Channel and subscribe for all my updates. If you can’t watch the video I have written out the steps for you below.

Today I want to show you how you can very simply create a Facebook landing page for your Fan Page using FBML, just like Darren Rowse the Problogger has done. This is a fantastic way to make your page look less like Facebook’s brand and more like your own. Quite a few of the lovely Blog Tyrant readers have asked me how to do this so I thought I’d try it as the premier video.

Feedback wanted (no really!)

Please give me as much feedback as you can on this video as I would really like them to improve. My animator is actually making me a really cool 3D introduction with the Blog Tyrant logo so hopefully that helps pro things up a little bit. If you can’t stand my Australian accent I am open to trying others. I can do quite a good Japanese one!

How to make a Facebook landing page like Darren Rowse using FBML

FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language and it is an application that allows you to add images to the content area of your Facebook Fan Page. There are more complex versions of FBML but the one this video is centered on is called Static FBML so it is quite easy to follow.

1. Create an image
The first step is to create an image to use in the content area. It needs to be around 523 pixels wide but you have some room to move on the height. If you make it wider than this you will see a strange image once you upload it. Save the image as a JPEG.

2. Upload the image to the net
Navigate over to your WordPress Dashboard and then upload the image by clicking Add Post > Add Image. Copy the Link URL as we will need it later.

3. Go to the Static FBML Facebook Page
Head on over to Facebook and navigate to the Static FBML Page by searching for it at the top.

4. Add to your page
On the Static FBML page, under the profile photo, you will see link saying Add to Page. Click this and select the page you wish to add it to.

5. Navigate to your Facebook Fan Page
Head on over to your Fan Page and click Edit under the profile photo. Once there click Applications and find the FBML application.

6. Edit Application
Click Go to Application and give your box a title like “Welcome” or “Hello”. Underneath that, in the main content box, add the image code <img src=”your image url”>

7. You’re done
That’s it! The image should now appear under its own box next to the Wall and the other tabs.

The Facebook landing page should be simple and have a clear call to action based around getting people to interact with your page or your products on that page. Don’t expect people to know what to do next. I highly recommend spending a bit of money getting one professionally designed (I haven’t yet) as it can really help your page stand out from the rest.

I’m looking for ideas

I’m on the lookout for more video ideas. In the post about what you wish existed in the blogging world a lot of people said they felt “lost” when doing things related to the back end of blogging. If you can think of any specific ideas I am happy to show you so please leave a comment and let me know.


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  1. Dwayne Huggins on December 16, 2010

    Nice and timely BT.

    I am in the process of sorting out my FB page. This just cut down my search and learning curve.

    Great video, easy to understand, thank you.

    Chat soon

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Thanks Dwayne. Post a comment when you’re done.

  2. Great timing BT! I was just learning about the static fbml this past week so this was just what I needed. Great video, very clear and easy to follow and love your accent too!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Oh Kim. You do know all the right things to say!

      1. πŸ™‚ You need to do more videos. You did an outstanding job walking through the steps.

        1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

          Thanks Kim. Thinking about once a month if this one does well.

  3. Ryan Renfrew on December 16, 2010

    Hey Tyrant,

    Loving the video, really makes it easier to uderstand. Do you find you get a higher % of people liking your FB page after seeing the FBML landing page?


    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Hi Ryan.

      Not sure about the BT one yet but other businesses I have done it for defiantly see a higher interaction.

  4. RinatisDinoro on December 16, 2010

    This makes me start the facebook promotion as soon as poss ible! thanks for the tips!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Great! Let me know what you come up with.

  5. Blog Tyrant… I love you, I’ve been struggling with this for a while now. Your timing couldn’t be more awesome. Tonight I’ll be implementing this… I’ll keep you posted.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      I love you too Rachelle!

      Looking forward to it.

      1. I’m working hard…this is actually a good example of how something simple gets complicated.

        The first requirement is an image. My knowledge of creating images is basic. So I try with my photo software for a while and get nowhere. Then I went to Lifehacker to find out a good graphic program. GIMP seems to be well reviewed. I download it and start using it. It’s taking me a while to learn the ropes of how to use it. I finally got my logo loaded and my picture on the page so I’m making good progress.

        So to do one little simple page I have to learn a whole new skill because of the interconnectedness of everything. As of tonight I’m doing well with the image but I had to learn a whole new process.

        That’s what’s hard about the web, there’s an awful lot to learn. It all takes time and I can see why lots of people give up. It can be very overwhelming.

        Sometimes learning how to create a good site reminds me of a sci-fi book I once read about going back in time. We are all used to lots of tech that we take completely for granted; however, we stand on the shoulders of giants. So if you go back in time, would you be able to make a car? No, unless you know how to smelt better metals and find and refine gas. It’s the same with computers, can you make a silicon chip?

        So when I go to do something, even something that BT has explained so very well in his video, I find myself with whole chunks of missing information that must be assimilated before doing the other thing.

        Enough rant… new ETA for the Facebook page is… tomorrow πŸ™‚

        1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010

          You gotta outsource. Why learn it all?

  6. I know HTML fairly well. Heck Back in the day i would build websites with Notepad. I was getting Overwelmed with this FMBL. Your video really helped me understand that it’s really not difficult.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Good stuff Thomas.

  7. Hey BT,
    A natural in front of the camera (well behind screen capture). Brilliant how to video. Am I right in saying that you can add opt-in code to the static FBML to get some sign ups from your fan page.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Thanks Pete!

      You can definately add links. Just don’t violate FBs TOS.

  8. This is great thanks for all your great articles and now videos! Though my site is incomplete I have been rethinking my approach to blogging since coming across this site. Thanks for the vid i cant wait to jazz up my FB landing page once i get one πŸ™‚

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Glad it’s helping Rashard.

  9. Heather@Family Friendly Frugality on December 16, 2010

    Awesome, I tried to do this once before but couldn’t figure it out. I will try again! Thanks!

  10. Heather@Family Friendly Frugality on December 16, 2010

    I just thought of something I’d like to know how to do…I have an e-book, but I want to learn how to make it look fancy like yours. The graphic that you have up top of a book? How did you make that?

    I want to make one of those for my e-book.

    (btw, awesome amount of downloads! That’s amazing! I launched mine a few days ago and I’m embarrassed how few people have taken advantage!)

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Great idea Heather.

      Don’t be embarrassed. Every blog grows at different rates.

  11. Alease Michelle on December 16, 2010

    I think you did a great job with the video tutorial. I didn’t see any mistakes, you were clear and right to the point. You were able to do all of that in under 15 min.

    Nice work!


    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Course there were no mistakes: it was the 5th take! Ha ha.

      Thanks Alease.

  12. Vivek Barun on December 16, 2010

    Nicely done. I am simply a big fan of Video Blogging and really love the video posts that Darren Rowse.
    You very similarly resemble his way of speaking.
    looking forward to more videos from you.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Hi Vivek.

      It must be because we live only one city away from each other.

  13. Vivek Barun on December 16, 2010

    I have a question about Facebook.

    If I share a link to my blog post on Facebook, then how can I know which all of my friends shared it?
    I can see that so many people shared my link but I would like to have the list of people who are sharing my link frequently…
    Is it possible?

    I searched On Google about this but couldn’t find any answers..
    I would be glad if any of the readers or The Blog Tyrant himself answers my question.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      I have no idea. I’ll look into it!

  14. G’Day BT,
    Thanks for the post . I will follow it. And thanks for the clear instructions.

    Here are a couple of other tips
    * I recommend to my clients that before they start any form of training or instruction they complete this sentence; “At the end of this training you will be able to……”
    Then specify what the “trainee” will be able to co at the end of the training that he or shee couldn’t do at the start.

    The same applies if you’re trying to induce prospects of clients to do something. To describe the actions use only verbs that describe an action that can be measured. Avoid words like “understand,” “appreciate” and other fuzzies.

    *never, ever, ever, put sentences on a screen and repeat them out loud. There’s almost no surer way to lose listeners’ attention. You see, they can read faster than you can talk. While you’re carefully intoning the words on the screen for maximum dramatic effect, the viewer/listener has read them and is waiting for the next gem.
    Many will get bored and leave.

    Anyway that’s my two-bob’s worth.

    Enjoy Christmas,



    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Don’t read sentences aloud. Got it. That’s really good advice. Thanks Leon!

  15. Your = you’re (goes to credibility).

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Can’t believe I missed it! Thanks Tim.

  16. Just got done doing this thanks to your page.

    Before, I wasn’t really sure what FBML was. Now, I feel dumb for not knowing how simple it was before now.

    Let me know what you all think…

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 16, 2010

      Zach well done man! It looks fantastic!

      So glad someone showed me one. You’ve made my day!

  17. Tom | Oral Answers on December 17, 2010

    Awesome video, BT! I don’t even have any suggestions for improvement.

    I haven’t created a Facebook page yet because I’ve only told my close family about my blog and I want to remain more or less semi-anonymous until I graduate from dental school.

    If I create a Facebook page for my blog using my normal Facebook account, will my Facebook friends see that page? Is the best route to simply create a new Facebook account to make my blog’s page?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can fill me in!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010

      Hey man.

      The pageis created by you and then you automatically become an admin. But your friends won’t see it unless you invite them, as far as I know.

      My orthodontist is doing so well off his FB page.

      1. Tom | Oral Answers on December 17, 2010

        Thanks for the reply. I can see how orthodontists would do well with a FB page because people want straight teeth.

        The majority of people that come to my blog are searching for an answer to a dental question. I give that to them, and it seems like they leave. Not too many people seem to be interested in their teeth when they don’t have a problem with them or an unanswered question about them.

        I can see where a FB page would come in handy for a business, but I’m not sure if many people would become fans of a dental blog…

        I guess I’ve still been debating whether or not it would be a good thing to create.

        Does anyone have any good experiences or stories about what their FB page did for their blog?

        1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010

          I think your blog would make a lot of money off of verticals Tom.

          1. Tom | Oral Answers on December 17, 2010

            So you agree that a FB page for my blog probably isn’t the greatest use of my time?

            By “verticals” do you simply mean promotion of niche products that people would buy to increase their oral health?

            Lastly, did you create the BT FB page with your normal Facebook account, or did you sign up for a new one? If it was your normal one, I can’t see a way to link it back to your personal profile.

  18. Hey Blog Tyrant,
    Thanks for the video tutorial. I am still playing with my facebook but I have it up

    Appreciate any feedback and comments about it. I know my Photoshop skills are pretty bad but hey that could be another video topic.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010

      Kim its perfect! Well done.

      The only suggestion I might make is to make the text non-bold and just bold some important phrase.

      Otherwise its great!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. I really like it better that way to be honest now. Appreciate the feedback.

        1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010


  19. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010


    Had to start new thread as its set at 5 max.

    The interesting thing about your site is there is emotion in some of the articles. For example, I imagine a lot of people would want to LIKE you on Facebook and suggest to friends if you helped them get over a fear of fillings for example.

    I think that could work really well.

  20. Glynis Jolly on December 17, 2010

    Thank you for having this post in text. The sound isn’t working on my PC right now. I was wondering about the landing page thing. You have cleared that up for me.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010

      No worries!

  21. CreativeBlogger on December 17, 2010

    Thanks Tyrant!

    It was a great first video tutorial – definitely looking forward to more.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010

      Dude! I absolutely love your Lonely Seahorse painting. Is it still available?

      1. CreativeBlogger on December 17, 2010

        Thanks! It is available.

  22. Thanks for the video tutorial Tyrant, I’ve being looking into creating a Facebook page for my website, and this holds a lot of useful information.

    Take care!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 17, 2010

      No probs.

  23. Frankie Cooper on December 19, 2010

    This is a very good video tutorial. I didn’t know that you could do things like that. That should be some stuff to keep up with. I’ll go and create one for my website.

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 19, 2010

      Thanks Frankie. Let us know when its done.

  24. Todd@PhitZone on December 19, 2010

    BT, you’re a stud. I have been making myself crazy trying to get my welcome page to have a decent “custom” look to it. This was so simple. Thanks!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 19, 2010

      Looks great! Thanks for sharing Todd. Glad the tutorial is helping a few people.

      1. Todd@PhitZone on December 21, 2010

        Thanks BT. I even borrowed some of your language on it. πŸ˜€

  25. Brandon Cox on December 19, 2010

    I’ve looked for this information all in one spot together – thanks for providing it!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 19, 2010

      No worries Brandon.

  26. Gday!
    What program did you use to screen capture/record the video? The zoom in feature…was that a part of the same program or was it done in post editing?

    Keep up the useful posts!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 20, 2010

      Hey Ben.

      Part of the same editing. Its a program called BSR.

  27. Sarvanshu | Paparazzi, geek, techie blog on December 20, 2010

    Read your guest post at DailyBlogTips. It really have some tricks from under the hood and enjoyed it too. I want to start a domain suggestion service as I think I am very good at it. But how I should start? By creating a web page or join some freelancer site?

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 20, 2010

      Have you done a pros and cons list of both Sarvanshu?

      1. Sarvanshu | Paparazzi, geek, techie blog on December 21, 2010

        Only way of knowing pros and cons will be starting it but I dont know where i can get started.

        1. the Blog Tyrant on December 21, 2010

          I always start with the end product. What exactly are you going to sell? Once you figure out that you work backwards to find out the best way to promote that.

          1. Sarvanshu | Paparazzi, geek, techie blog on December 21, 2010

            I am not going to sell a product, I will provide the service of choosing cool domain name for others(Individuals, Companies, Bloggers, etc) .
            At first I would like t give my service for free for developing my identity.
            Please tell me should I create a separate Website or join any site you know where I can help people in selecting domains. Want to do this because selecting a right domain is first step of creating a website.

  28. Ok. I’m feeling a bit sluggish… I followed your video step by step and yet I’ll I’m getting on the welcome page is nothing…

    I know the photo is live: (

    The pixels is set to 523

    My FBML code looks exactly like yours:

    What am I doing wrong????
    any help would be huge! Thank you!

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 20, 2010

      Can you paste your code here Brad?

      1. ‘thank you!

        1. img src=””

          I’m taking out the so that the code will show…

          1. the Blog Tyrant on December 21, 2010

            I have absolutely no idea why its not working.

            Can you send me the FB Page link?

  29. What comment plugin are you using that generates the yellow box and the cool stacking effect of the comments?

    Thanks again

    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 20, 2010

      WordPress threaded comments and author highlight.


      1. lisa chiodo on December 21, 2010

        Hi BT,
        I installed threaded comments (looks like I already had this) and now when I try to “reply” this message comes up – Can’t find the ‘commentformid’ div.

        any ideas?

        By the way your first video is great even for a newbie like myself. Look forward to more…

        1. lisa chiodo on December 21, 2010

          think I worked it out, deactivated the plug in and it went back to threaded comments. Now to get the colours…

          1. lisa chiodo on December 21, 2010

            Well my comments on my blog are now a grey (similar to this one)can’t find any info on codes for different colours? Great that there is a difference between mine and other comments.

            Thank you
            between you and Yaro I will get this sorted

  30. Well at least it isn’t just me!
    thank you so much for your willingness to help!

    the facebook link is

    the welcome page is under the >> tab since it isn’t working yet.


    1. the Blog Tyrant on December 21, 2010

      Works fine here!

  31. This video was great. It’s totally “beyond” me at this point, but it gives me hope. I mainly work with mixed media artists and most of us really struggle to make these steps that bring our blogs and FB pages to the next level. I will share this with the group because it’s sure to bring clarity to a few! Thank you.

    Also the audio was really good. It took me a minute to shift back to the English dialect in my brain, but was very clear. Thanks again.

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