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Perhaps I should do some explaining.

Who are the Tyrant Troops?

Unofficially the loyal subscribers of this site are called the Tyrant Troops (the couch-based blogging army) and, quite honestly, they are more valuable sources of information and tips than the articles themselves. You’ll find that I write a post and then within a few hours it has between 60 and 200 comments from the amazing community.

In two years we’ve never even had an argument!

What do I get when I sign up?

Occasionally I send out little rewards to the Troops by email but the main reason to sign up is so you don’t miss out on the articles and you don’t miss out on your opportunity to leave a comment. I close off all comments after a few days so the discussion happens real fast.

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And it is important to know that I do not publish regularly. But, when I do, I try to make it something that will directly help your blog or online business.

What type of stuff can I expect?

Here’s a sample of the type of articles you’ll see in your inbox:

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