Before You Send Me an Email…

Blog Tyrant does not accept advertising or guest posts and we do not trade links or add links to old posts. Please do not email about it as they will be ignored.

I love hearing from readers and other bloggers. But I get a lot of emails (like, a lot) so please have a quick read of this before reaching out. It will save us both a lot of time.

The best places to find me for quick responses: Twitter and Facebook.

NOTE: I try to reply to emails within one day. I usually try to work on New York, East Coast, USA time but that doesn’t always work out.

I want to do a guest post on Blog Tyrant

I do not accept any guest posts on Blog Tyrant. No exceptions. Even if you are Seth Godin himself – please don’t email me about a guest post. I’m sorry but that’s just how this particular site works.

I want to collaborate on a project

If you would like to collaborate on a project I would be happy to take a look but can’t make any promises as I’m pretty busy working on Blog Tyrant related stuff these days.

I have a quick question for you

If you have a quick question it’s best to catch me on Twitter. I’m online most of the day and happy to chat.

I need someone to talk to because life is hard

If you need someone to talk to because you’re finding life and online business a bit hard I am always around for a chat. I don’t have any professional qualifications but I’m happy to be a friend. Just email me on tyrant(at)blogtyrant(dot)com. I’ve been there.