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If you have read even a few lines of the magnificence that is my writing I’m sure you won’t need these 30 reasons.

But just in case you had a momentary lapse in concentration and missed the brilliance I will spell out a few reasons why you should subscribe.

By the way, I’m joking about that magnificence stuff. And that’s not me in the photo.

1. I have sold blogs for $20,000
I’ve sold quite a few blogs for the $20,000 mark now and as such have a fair big of knowledge to pass on to you about how to grow your blog quickly. Here’s an article on how to sell a blog.

2. 10,000 subscribers are worth $100,000 a year
Email subscribers are what you need if you want to make a living blogging. The more subscribers you can get, the more money you can make. When you subscribe you get a free eBook on how I increased my subscriber rate by 120% overnight. Simple strategies that work.

3. I’m only 26
At around 21 I started working from home full time. All my money comes from web based businesses and blogs. The goal of Blog Tyrant is to show you how to do the same.

4. The mailing list gets exclusive content
Once a fortnight I send out private emails to my mailing list that content strategies that don’t go to the blog. Consider it a “thank you” for staying part of my community.

5. I do free blog critiques
Take a look at one of my video blog critiques. If you want yours done you need to be subscribed as the notices only go out to the mailing list.

6. Its reported that I’m very handsome
Perhaps this is reason is most important of all.

7. I don’t hold back on my strategies and secrets
Unlike many of the big bloggers, I am happy to tell you exactly what I am doing and why. My philosophy is that I will grow by helping you grow.

8. You never know when the content is coming
I usually publish really long posts like this one and this one that are between 3,000 and 7,000 words. So I don’t publish to a regular schedule. Make sure you are subscribed to get notified.

9. The Blog Tyrant community is freaking amazing
Some of my articles get up to 250 comments of pure love and respect. The community here helps each other out, makes suggestions and gives advice. I love them all a lot.

10. I reply to every comment
I really try to engage with my readers as much as possible. And it turns out that by replying to every comment we seem to learn a lot more than just by reading and writing articles.

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